Education is often one of the key ideas in the IELTS Writing Task 2 essay question.ielts essay example writing task 2

Of course, the broad topic of education is all over the IELTS exam. You could be asked about it anywhere on the Speaking exam, hear students talking about it on the Listening test, or read about it in the IELTS Reading passages.

One Task 2 question that has been seen before on the IELTS exam is about secondary school and volunteering:

Some people think that high school pupils should be required to log volunteer hours.

How far do you agree or disagree?


*If the question contains the phrase “agree or disagree”, write an argument essay!

Argument essays are faster to plan and write, and they are assured to answer all parts of the question, allowing you a higher score for Task Response.


Ideas for Body Paragraph 1- Disagree

  • Reason: Kids don’t have time to work for free. In an economy that is still recovering, everyone needs to be compensated.
  • Personal example: I got a job in a restaurant in high school, and saved money for college.

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Ideas for Body Paragraph 2- Agree (Your Opinion)

  • Reason: They need to develop empathy and social responsibility.
  • Example: Kids are too involved with technology and need to experience other walks of life to become a responsible citizen.
  • Detail: Cyber-bullying is becoming rampant, and developing empathy with people face-to-face will curb this phenomenon.
  • Detail: You can reference an article or documentary about bullying that would not happen if students were required to develop social responsibility.


  • The conclusion should reiterate your opinion about the topic and your opinion about the future of the topic.

What do you think of today’s ideas?

Leave us a message in the comments section below.

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