Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Today I’ll introduce 5 of my favorite documentaries for you to watch before IELTS.

In order to have something to talk and write about on your IELTS Exam, you must develop your culture of thinking.

This is necessary for a 7 or higher, but, also, for interesting views on life!

Documentaries show you perspectives on culture and specific niches of existence that are impossible to experience in any other format.



5 Documentaries Related to IELTS Topics

1. What Happened Miss Simone

This is about the life and career of Nina Simone, one of the most famous jazz singers and artists of this century.

She dealt with severe problems in her life as well, and struggled to live up to her success.

IELTS topics: music, racial equality, mental health

2. Room 237

This film is about the making of another of my favorite flicks, The Shining.

The director of The Shining, Stanley Kubrick, is widely regarded as a genius, and The Shining is one of his best works.

IELTS topics: film, culture, conspiracy theories, art


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3. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

An award-winning documentary, it is all about one of the most highly-rated sushi chefs in Japan, who works in a subway restaurant.

The film is absolutely stunning, and will teach you incredible adjectives to use in your own descriptions.

IELTS topics: food, art, culture

4. Trekkies

Did you know that Star Trek has hard-core fans? It does! They call themselves Trekkies, and have a culture all their own, developed around every iteration of Star Trek.

It’s a peek into the lives of a very specific community you probably would never have met otherwise!

IELTS topics: sci-fi, fandom, celebrity, media, culture, fashion

5. Bill Cunningham New York

The iconic fashion magazine, Vogue, has employed Bill Cunningham as a fashion photographer for decades. Although this man, who is elderly now, works with luxury and high-fashion, he himself lives a simple life in New York City.

Meeting this man is a delight, and you will be inspired by his life and achievements.

IELTS topics: fashion, age, urban life, magazines and media

Choose at least one of these documentaries to enjoy, and take notes while you watch on ideas and vocabulary that you can use on your next IELTS Exam!

Did you watch one of these movies?

Tell us how you liked in the comments section below!

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