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Today you’ll learn band 8 vocabulary for hats and attire, to knock the examiner’s socks off on your next IELTS Exam.

8 vocabulary hats attire

Recently, a subscriber to our YouTube channel, IELTS Energy TV, posted this question:

Could you talk about some vocabulary for hats? In Eastern culture, hats are not common.

Now, I lived in Asia for a decade, in Cambodia and Taiwan, and I did see people wearing baseball caps.

However, I understand this student’s question, as describing specific clothing items is not really common in one’s first language, let alone English.

The first vocabulary word to learn today is attire– this is a high-level word for ‘clothes’.

As you read the descriptions below, note down any interesting words/phrases in your vocabulary notebook.



I often wear beanies, because it gets super freezing in the winter where I live. Everyone here pretty much lives in their beanies in those frigid months. My favorite beanie is one my mom actually made for me. She knit it out of wool from New Zealand. It’s multi-colored, and the colors are bold and bright. Plus, it has a little snowball thingy at the top. I love hats that have those. That little accent makes me feel like a kid again when I put it on.



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I’lace hatm not usually a hat person, apart from donning a baseball cap on bad hair days. However, there’s one hat that used to belong to my grandma, which I adore wearing on special occasions. She used to wear it to church, so it’s a bit fancy. It’s beige, and there’s a mother-of-pearl silk ribbon that goes around it. There’s a brim as well, and a lovely bit of lace is on one side. This can be pulled over your face, like you see people doing at funerals in movies. I usually keep the lace rolled up at the top, though. I like to wear the hat at a jaunty angle as well, which just adds to the impressive style of the whole thing. I’d say this is my favorite accessory. 


After you pull out some vocabulary you think is interesting from the descriptions above, practice describing a hat that you, or someone you know, likes wearing.

Do you have any vocabulary questions related to IELTS topics?

Leave them in the comments section below!



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