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Today we’ll talk about 8+ vocabulary to speak about snacks on your next IELTS Speaking Exam.

When would the topic of ‘snacks‘ come up on IELTS?

This topic would most likely appear in Speaking Part 1, perhaps in a question like, “What kind of snacks do you most enjoy?

However, it could easily be seen in a Part 2 card, such as, “Describe a snack that reminds you of your childhood.”

Then, in IELTS Speaking Part 3, you may face a question like, “Is it healthy to have a habit of snacking often?

In fact, the healthiness of one’s diet may even be seen in a Writing Task 2 essay prompt.

Thus, let’s explore some impressive vocabulary for this specific IELTS topic!

8+ Snack Vocabulary


morsel– small delicious bit or piece of food

When I’m eating a cookie, I consume every last scrumptious morsel.

goodiesdelightful snacks

I always keep goodies in my bag in case I start feeling snacky, like cereal bars and sometimes candy.


delectable– delicious


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An expensive chocolate truffle is absolutely delectable.

exquisite– excellent

There’s a cafe near my apartment that has the most exquisite banana bread.

rich– having a lot of butter and/or cream

Even though I adore cheesecake, it’s so rich I can’t eat a whole piece. (Click here for more ways to say I like and I love.)

savory– strong smell and taste, sometimes spicy

My grandma used to make these amazing savory meatballs, full of spices and tons of garlic.

dainty– small

I went to a high tea in London when I visited, and there were all these dainty little tea cakes and bite-sized treats.

divine– incredible

For me, an expensive bar of dark chocolate is divine.

fit for a king– (idiom) could be served to a very high-class person

For my birthday, my friends prepared a table of food that was fit for a king.



This may sound childish, but goldfish crackers are, for me, utterly divine.

Food vocabulary for IELTS Speaking

There’s a good chance you’ll be asked questions about food on IELTS.

You need to know the names of foods in English.

Practice describing traditional foods from your culture.

Need adjectives for describing foods.

  • Smooth
  • Creamy
  • Decadent

The verb “indulge” means to allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of something.

We often use this verb when talking about enjoying food.

“I’m indulging in a decadent slice of chocolate cake.”

  • Hearty: filling and substantial


How would you use today’s vocabulary?

Share your example sentences in the comments section below!

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