Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Do you have something that you are really interested in or passionate about?

Have you ever considered using this passion or interest to help you to learn more?

Have you ever been so involved with this interest that you forgot you were actually learning something along the way?

If you want to learn English, then it may be best to use your passion to help you in doing so.

We want to help you to find your personal way into English based on your own thing or your own passion.


Here’s a question about this very subject.

I am discovering this love of history, and it’s helping me to learn English more in the process.

How can you go deep with your own passions and interests to forget that you’re learning?



Consider What Your Own Passion or Interests May Be

Everybody has their thing or their own angle.

You have to get into the target culture to learn the target language.

Use something that you are already passionate about to find this.

Follow this path to learn English, there is truly no right or wrong direction.


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How Do You Create Your Own Learning Out of This?

You can create your own customized learning plan through the things that interest you the most.

You can start with something like podcasts that center around your passion.

Try to focus on a special interest like cooking or gardening, or whatever you are interested in.

Subscribe to a podcast in this area and use it to learn English from a totally different angle.

Take it one step further and find  a meet up group where you can meet others who share that same passion.

You are sure to have great conversation about this interest, which in turn helps you to learn English.


You Are Motivated To Learn and Therefore Take In The Most

No matter what you’re into, you can find others who are into the same thing.

Use this as motivation to foster that interest.

Take it to the next level by connecting in real life where you can get great conversations going.

These happen naturally, help you to learn English quickly, and you don’t even feel like you’re learning.

This is your very own learning plan that keep it interesting and allow you to make great connections.

You want the podcasts for one aspect and then the real life experiences to help you to enjoy great conversations and connections.



Follow your passion because there are so many things to explore and learn about out there.

Use this passion or interest to help you to learn to speak English and learn about the local culture.

This makes the learning process fun and you will feel so motivated to continue on with it.

When you are motivated and learning it’s the best–you take in the most and you don’t feel like it’s work because you are enjoying it.

Remember it’s all about great conversation and connections!


If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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