Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Today you’ll get 3 phrases to tell your story in English like a native speaker.

When you tell a story, you have to know how to keep your listeners engaged and intrigued!

Today you’ll learn some tips on how to do that.

These phrases would also increase your vocabulary score on the IELTS Speaking test if you could work them into your answers.

Listen to the audio to hear our story about what we did for our lunch break.


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3 Phrases to Tell Your Story:

  • “To start off with”/”To start out with”: To begin something, to start something. Here is an example: “We went out for lunch and to start off with, we tried find a pizza place.”
  • “To be about to do something”: To be getting ready to do it. Here is an example: “We were about to go into the pizza shop and we realized that it was closed.”
  • “In the end”: You can use this phrase when you say what finally happened in your story. Here is an example: “In the end we decided to have Thai food and it was amazing.”


Today’s Quiz-

Please write your answer in the comments!

How did we know that the Snack Bar was closed?

A- There was a “closed” sign on the door

B- It was dark inside

C- It was dark inside and all of the furniture was gone

What’s the answer? Write it in the comments and we’ll tell you if you got it right!

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