American coins English speakers

AEE 1022: Don’t Nickel and Dime Us! Listen Today to Reduce Stress at the Checkout Counter

Do you find it difficult to understand how much each coin is worth when you are visiting or living in the United States. Can it be particularly confusing when it comes to coins within the US? If you have ever felt like you don’t understand… Read More

how to continue English conversations

AEE 1021: Continue The English Conversation + Shout Out to Our Boston Immersion Students

Have you ever wondered how to keep the conversation going? Sometimes when you’re talking with a native speaker in English you might manage to get the conversation started but then how do you keep it going so that you can go deeper? Today’s episode was… Read More

how to respond to request in English

AEE 1020: Would You Mind Taking Care of My Dog?! How to Respond in English

Do you hear people say “would you mind” in conversation? Do you know how to respond when someone asks for you for a favor using “you would mind”? This can be a confusing question in English, mostly because you want to answer it in the… Read More

show flexibility in English wiggle room

AEE 1019: Is There Any Wiggle Room With That?

Do you know how to ask someone in English if there is any flexibility or “wiggle room” in their plans? Does this sound confusing to you as if they’re talking about physical movement? Today we’ll help you to understand what this phrase actually means and… Read More

personality narcissim talk about in english

AEE 1018: Are Americans Narcissistic?

Have you ever heard of somebody being referred to as a narcissist? What does this word mean to you? Do you think that people who grow up in American culture are more likely to be narcissistic? Today we’ll reference a book review from the NY… Read More