AEE 1051: Cleaning Up Your House? How to Use Chuck, Toss, Throw, and Stick To Add More Personality

Have you ever noticed yourself using the same words over and over again? Does it seem that using such words in English can get a bit boring? One example of this can be the word “put”–we use it more than we realize in our conversations…. Read More

AEE 1050: Flights, Guac, and Zoodles- What Do They Have In Common?

Have you heard somebody say that they’re “hangry”? Are there words like this that you don’t understand or know how to use in conversation? It’s a combination of the word “hungry” and “angry”. There are many other words out there that can be confusing to… Read More

AEE 1047: I’m Good Versus I’m Well

When you hear somebody ask “how are you,” have you ever heard the response of “I’m good”? Alternatively have you ever heard somebody respond with “I’m well” in English? Though both are proper responses, one is more common in everyday conversation. There can be differences… Read More

English grammar

AEE 1046: What Do You Like to Do? A Tricky Grammar Question Answered

Have you heard somebody use a verb in conversation in different ways? Have you ever heard somebody add “-ing” to a verb in English? Is it confusing as to what the differences may be in these verb types? We’re going to help you to understand… Read More

express uncertainty in English

AEE 1043: Never A Dull Moment! How to Sarcastically Express Uncertainty in English

What’s the last frustrating thing that’s happened to you? Does it sometimes feel as if bad luck always comes your way? You can either laugh or cry when weird coincidences strike, and sometimes being sarcastic is the way to go. Today we’re going to help… Read More