AEE 985: Be Our Guest! When Should You Use This Phrase?

Have you heard somebody say “be my guest” and wondered what exactly they meant? Does it feel like this particular phrase may have multiple meanings in English? If you feel unsure of how or when to use this then you’re not alone. It’s one of… Read More

time norms and phrases in American culture

AEE 984: How to Make Sure Your Time Norms Don’t Ruin a Potential Connection

If you are going somewhere  to meet someone and you want to update them on where you are or tell them that you will be coming to them, what might you say? Have you heard several phrases in English that mean the same thing? Does… Read More

share your culture in English

AEE 983: How to Open Up and Share Your Culture for Better Connections

Do you get a lot of questions about your culture and background? Are you interested to learn more about the American culture and various traditions? This is a very common thing to connect on as it helps you to learn about each other. We’re going… Read More

SNAFU in English

AEE 981: Did You Hit a SNAFU? Learn a New English Acronym and Where It Comes From

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parenting in American culture

AEE 980: What Do These Phrases Say About Parenting in American Culture?

Do you ever listen to parents and wonder why they say the things that they do? Do some of their phrases or approaches seem unusual to you? Parenting can be hard, and understanding why they use certain phrases may provide insight into the English language… Read More