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seinfeld close talker biggest mistake in EnglishWhat is the biggest mistake that you can make in English without even talking?

Can you guess what it is?

It’s close talking! Body language is super important not just in everyday conversations but it even matters in exams like the IELTS Speaking test.

How close should you stand when you talk with an American?

You should leave at least an arm’s length of distance between you and the person you are speaking with.

Do not stand any closer than that.



How does it feel for an American person when you talk close?

We feel awkward, intimidated, and we want to escape! We might start to sweat, we might back up and try to get away from you.

We also will have a hard time saying to you that you should move back or back off because that’s too direct.


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Remember the “personal bubble”

Americans have a “personal bubble” and you should not move into that space unless you are in a romantic or a family relationship with an American.

On the other hand, don’t stand too far away because it will appear that you are trying to avoid the person or that you want to create distance between the two of you.


Next, learn how to avoid talking in circles in English.


Let’s have a conversation! Do people in your culture talk by standing closer than Americans do?

Have you ever made a mistake of standing too close while talking with an American?

Let us know! Leave your message in the comments.

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