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Today you’ll learn native English love vocabulary.

You need to be able to talk about a love interest.

Maybe you or a friend is dating someone and you think this is the one.

Find out today how to talk about blossoming love life in English.

You’ll also learn how to communicate excitement for your friends’ serious relationships.

Listen in to today’s episode to learn new vocabulary about relationships.

Serious relationships

Lindsay and Michelle have noticed that a lot of people have started getting into serious relationships lately.

They figure that it might be in response to what we had to go through during the pandemic.

Michelle asks Lindsay what it means if you are in a ‘serious relationship.’

A ‘serious relationship’ is when you are with someone you plan to be with long-term.

Michelle asks Lindsay if she gets excited when her friends enter into serious relationships.

Lindsay notes that it has been a while since she was excited about this.

At this point, the majority of her friends are already married.

She does feel it is fun and exciting, however, especially if she likes the person her friend is dating.

She makes sure to play it cool and not be too vocal about support for the relationship so they won’t be too pressured.

Michelle and Lindsay shared that the All Ears English team has done many episodes about love.

They recommend you listen to these episodes:

AEE 590: Will You Marry Me? How to Get Engaged in American Culture

AEE 1139: What to Call Your Partner in English

Talk about love

It is fun to speculate and wonder if a person is ‘the one’ for your friend.

Lindsay and Michelle share expressions you can use to talk about exciting blossoming relationships.

Blossoming: growing or blooming

This verb is commonly used to describe a relationship that is at an early stage.

It is perfect for describing a wonderful partnership that has the potential to be a life-long relationship

#1: This is it

You will often hear that a relationship is called ‘it.’

This refers to that one person that is meant for you or your friend.

They will likely be a permanent relationship or a spouse.

You can hear this often in music, romantic-comedy movies, novels, etc.

Example: “They’ve been dating for a year. I think this is it!”

#2: The one

This phrase is also often heard in movies to describe people who are well-suited for each other.

‘The one’ describes an ideal long-term partner for a person.

Example: “They are perfect. She’s definitely the one.”

#3: Wind up/end up together

This expression means that it’s the end of one’s single life.

At the end of that period of time, we say you ‘end up’ with a person.

Example: “Do you think they will wind up together? I think it’s pretty obvious!”

#4: Make things/it official

This is used to talk about getting engaged or married.

It can also be used to move to the next level.

This might mean going from dating to moving in together or putting a label on a relationship.

Example: “I think they will make it official once he graduates.”

#5: Getting serious

‘Getting serious’ means to exclusively focus on one relationship.

This is synonymous with saying that you are in a ‘serious relationship.’

It can also mean that your relationship has changed from seeing each other casually to deciding that you will officially be with each other.

Example: “Wow things are getting serious. They are inseparable!”

Dating and serious relationships

Lindsay asks Michelle what her style was when she was dating.

She wanted to know if Michelle gradually eased into a serious relationship or did she get serious quickly once she liked someone.

Michelle shares that with her husband it was very gradual at first because she was busy with school.

She lived far from her husband so the distance didn’t allow them to see each other often.

Eventually, they made it official and started their more serious relationship.

Lindsay relates to that and she agrees that serious relationships often develop over time.

Individuals usually start out by getting to know each other.

They eventually realize they see the person as someone they can spend the rest of their life with.


Linday and Michelle share a roleplay to demonstrate how you can use these expressions in a conversation.

In this scenario, Lindsay and Michelle talk about their friends.

Lindsay: I have never seen him so happy!

Michelle: You think this could be it?

Lindsay: I do! I mean it’s definitely getting serious

Michelle: I am so excited for him. He really deserves to be happy. And she’s so great for him. I bet they make it official by next June.

Lindsay: Oh for sure they will end up together.

Michelle: She’s definitely the one.


Exercise moderation in discussing others’ relationships because not everyone wants to get married or is comfortable talking about it.

Lindsay and Michelle both don’t believe there is just one person made for us.

They think it’s possible to fall in love again even after a heartbreak.

There will always be someone better suited for you out there.

Making connections is always exciting.

It is fun to talk about relationships and hear stories of relationships from colleagues, friends, and family.

Use these expressions in your next English conversation to strengthen the relationship.

What is your story of meeting ‘the one’?

Share it in the comments below or on YouTube. We’d love to hear from you!

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