Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Are you addicted to your phone or your tablet like we are? Today we’ll explore this modern addiction and as a community we’ll think of ways to overcome it.

Lindsay attended a talk last week at her meditation center where the speaker was discussing technology and addiction. The speaker had come up with a framework to curb addiction but many people in the audience challenged him because his framework involved using apps to prevent technology addiction. Nevertheless, the speaker had a lot of great points and ideas. You can find Judson Brewer’s book here.

Today we are talking about the phrase: Do the ends justify the means?

What does this mean? The ends are the goals that you are striving for and the means are the methods that you are using to get to the goal. So we are asking, is the fact that I have to use an app justify the goal of becoming less addicted to technology?

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We do more than just check our email on our phones. We listen to podcasts that make us feel great or we listen to music to relax.

You can’t say that technology is good or bad. We can all recognize the benefits of phones. We stay in touch with the world.

Some ways to reduce your technology addiction:

  • Turn off all notifications on your phone so that you are not tempted to look every time something goes off. This will help you stay more present.
  • Become less interested in your phone: Find something else that is more interesting than your phone. When I go hiking for a day I want to check my phone less than I did before I went into the woods. You have to create things in your real life that is motivating enough to not think about your phone. You want it to “pale in comparison.”
  • Specify a time at night to turn off your phone: All of the important work online is happening during the day so stop using your phone in the evening. In the evening you can connect with family and friends or connect with yourself.

Share your opinions! Are you addicted to your phone? What can we do to curb technology addiction? Tell us your ideas below.

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