Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Today we will show you when NOT to use the verb “to meet” in English.


To Meet:

  • You use the verb “to meet” when you are introduced to someone for the first time, this is someone new, who we didn’t know before
  • You use the verb “to meet” when you make a plan to meet someone at a specific location, for example “Let’s meet at the movies at 3pm” or “Thanks for meeting me at the coffee shop”

Are you making this mistake?

Most students make the mistake of using the verb “to meet” someone when they run into someone unexpectedly, on the street or at school. When it’s a surprise encounter like that, you should say:

  • “Oh it’s nice to see you”
  • “It’s great to run into you”
  • “It’s great to bump into you”


Listen to the podcast to hear three different role plays to see how the verb “to meet” can be used correctly!

Next, learn how to use “coming” versus “going” in English.


Take today’s quiz!

Finish the sentence:

Let’s ______ on the corner of Broadway and 13th Street tomorrow at noon.

a) run into each other

b) meet

c) see each other

Please write your answer in the comments below!


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