Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

What are the most effective ways to learn English?

How can you find the best tactics for learning and getting better in English?

What can you do to up your English game?

We’re going to look at the best ways to learn English, and what makes them the most effective based on our expertise of more than 14 years of experience teaching English as a Second Language.

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Various Ways To Learn English

We had somebody write in to ask about the most effective ways to learn English.

They pointed out 7 different ways that you could learn English, and so we want to evaluate them today.

Though there are so many ways to learn English, which are the most effective?

You can try out a lot of different methods for learning English, and ultimately you have to find what works for you.

There are however some tactics that tend to be the most effective, and that’s what we’re going to look into.

7 Different Ways To Learn and Which Are Best

There are 7 different tactics for learning English that we’re going to evaluate.

All of these have their merit and can help in different ways.

There are however 3 ways that tend to be the most effective, and these are the ones that we want to focus the most attention on.

  1. Watching English movies: This is by far the number one way to learn English effectively. Watching movies helps you to learn English fluently and really practice what you are seeing. It’s like being immersed in English, this is your entertainment and it’s centered around the language.
  2. Watching English series like a sitcom or drama: This would be the number two best and most effective way to learn English. You can get invested in the characters and you come back to the show over time. You almost become a part of their world, and it’s easy to consume in short bursts. It’s easy to fit in and can really help you to embrace the language as you see these scenarios play out.
  3. Listening to English songs: You might use improper grammar in words such as “ain’t” that you wouldn’t say in conversation. These are short bursts and you may not always be able to understand what the singer is saying. Though this can be enjoyable, this doesn’t reflect how we usually talk in everyday life. You want to keep it real, and this doesn’t really help you to do that.
  4. Learning or practicing common English sentences everyday: This sounds boring and therefore it’s not going to be effective. Where you would produce this list is in question. This is in line with textbook learning, which doesn’t allow you to get out into the world and live and use the language. This will not motivate you and therefore you won’t stick with it for the long term.
  5. Watching YouTube videos with subtitles: This is good and may be at the number four spot. It can be interesting but may not sustain you into the long term. This may not be as motivating though it can serve its purpose–just not quite as effective as the other three.
  6. Find a topic everyday and practice speaking about it: This is the one that rounds out the top three most effective ways to learning and practice speaking English. This forces you to produce the language and get out into the world to learn and use English. This happens in everyday conversations.
  7. Use apps like iTalki to practice talking like natives: We don’t want to recommend things that force you to pay for the usage. This isn’t in the top 3 even though it does have merit. This may be something that you do sometimes, but you don’t want to use it as your long term or most effective strategy.

These tactics all have their merit, but the top 3 are the best of the best in terms of effectiveness.


When it comes to learning English and really perfecting it, there are several different tactics that you can utilize.

These top 3 are the very best in terms of their effectiveness, and they will therefore offer the most help.

Mix it up to keep it interesting and to keep yourself motivated.

These tactics will really help to integrate into the English language and force you to learn it and speak it.

Always remember, your goal is Connection NOT Perfection when it comes to learning English!

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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