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Have you heard somebody talk about an unexpected twist in English?

Do you wonder sometimes how to convey surprise or shock in English?

There are so many different twists or unexpected turns in life, and you want to know how to talk about them.

We have talked about the word “twist” before but today we are going to talk about a different definition.

We’re going to look at how you talk about the unexpected and why this is so important in everyday conversations in the English language.

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Talking About The Unexpected

When you say there is a “twist” it can mean there is a surprise. 

For example:

  • “There was a twist during the season finale. I can’t wait until next season!”
  • “Wow, there’s a twist I wasn’t expecting!”

We did another episode about the word “twist” in more literal terms.

You might talk about a twist in a book or TV show, or even to talk about something unexpected that happened in your life.

A phrase you can say is “There’s a twist!”

Remember that with this type of phrase, it’s all about intonation to deliver it in the right way.

L: And then the main characters broke up.

M: What! There’s a twist! I definitely saw them ending up together.

Showing Surprise In Your Words

It’s important to use these words to express surprise because it shows you are interested and surprised.

So if someone tells you a story with a twist, you want to express this feeling to connect and show you are paying attention. 

People want a reaction when it comes to something unexpected.

When you say something to talk about a twist and you use the right tone of voice, then it’s a great reaction.

This makes for an excellent way of connecting and on something that matters to the person you are talking to.

Surprising things happen, and you want to show a great reaction to that in the best way possible.

Other Ways To Talk About Big Surprises

There are multiple ways to talk about a surprise, and it can be helpful to know them.

How else can you convey this?

“There’s a surprise” : It’s to the point and yet it captures what you are trying to say in a really great way.

L: Michelle! I’m so sorry. I was helping my friend. Remember Tracy? She decided to quit her job after her boss yelled at her and she is really upset”

M: Wow, there’s a surprise! She loves her job!

“I wasn’t expecting that”: Life is full of unexpected things and now you know the perfect way to say this. It’s really what you are trying to say and so it’s a great way to put it out there.

M: And in the end, the killer in the book was the doctor

L: What?! I wasn’t expecting that!

“There’s a shocker”: We are all shocked sometimes, on a larger or smaller scale. When you are shocked this is a perfect way to say it in a fun way.

L: Then my friend called me and told me she’s giving me tickets to this really expensive concert, which is weird because she’s never given me a gift in all our years of friendship!

M: There’s a shocker!

“Throw a curve ball”: It’s a sports related term but it works quite well here. Life can throw you some real curve balls and we can all relate to that. This makes for a great phrase then.

M: I didn’t study at all, but I got a 100 percent.

L: Wow, you threw me a real curveball. I was convinced you’d failed, sorry! It was a hard test!


These phrases can help you show that you are surprised.

It’s important to connect with others using these phrases. They show interest.

Unexpected things can happen, and knowing how to talk about them is important.

These phrases can help you to be part of the conversation and to show emotion in a really great way.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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