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Do you ever ask this question?

Today you’ll find out how to figure out your English level and you’ll hear what we have to say about the importance of knowing your level.

We got this question from one of our listeners.

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So how do you know your level? It’s a tough question because you need to remember WHY you are learning and why you are wanting to know your level or your test score.

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But why are you actually learning?

If you’re like most people, you are learning for the purpose of communicating and connecting and not just to pass a test.

Language can’t always be based on level.

You start as a beginner and you need some basic skills but after you reach the intermediate level, your growth becomes organic.

It’s not a direct path to improvement.

The bottom line is, how well can you communicate in a given situation.

You might know a lot of vocabulary words or phrasal verbs but can you use the right words at the right time?

That is the thing that you should be trying to measure, not your test score or any number or level.

Remember that level and scores are relative to your situation and you are NEVER a number. You are much more than that.

Focus on connecting with people and developing your speaking and communication skills.

Also, focus on learning based on the situation. Can you order a coffee in Starbucks? Great, now can you use more advanced and sophisticated and natural expressions to order that same coffee?

Our advice is this: Don’t focus on your level or your score. Focus on what you can do THROUGH or WITH your English skills.

 Learn how to become a more self-disciplined English learner.

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What is your opinion about this topic?

Do you think test scores and levels are important? Why or why not?

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