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old worn out clothes how to say it in English

Have you heard the word “crooked” used in English?

Is this a confusing word to you?

When we look at a word like “crooked” it helps to describe some sort of imperfection, and there are others like it.

We’re going to look at these words, how you can use them, and how evaluating items like this in your wardrobe can help you to get more organized.

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We have a listener question about the word “crooked” that you may be able to identify with.

Hi ladies,

I love your show and listen all the time! I have a question about the word “crooked”, and I’m hoping you can help me. I thought I heard you say “cricket” on the show in place of “crooked.” Maybe I heard wrong, but I am confused as to the meaning anyhow.

Can you please help me to better understand this word and how to use it?

Thank you very much,

Emily Ameri

Breaking This All Down

So if you’ve heard the word “crooked” then you have probably heard it used in a couple of different ways.

This is a word that essentially means not straight, but it has different meanings or applications.

In this context today we are looking at words such as crooked to describe when things are out of shape.

We’re teaching you to use this word and others like it in more of a physical way, and as it pertains to items specifically.

You’re going to see how to use crooked in this sense, but also other words just like it.

Similar Words To Understand

It can help to look at the meaning of crooked, as well as other words just like it.

By understanding these similar words and seeing their applications, you will come to understand how you can use these in conversation in this context.

  • Crooked: Simply put this means not straight. One side may be higher than the other, or things are just off center.It may be a crooked painting on a wall, or it may be that your sunglasses are sitting crooked on your face.
  • Bent: This word is similar to crooked, however it speaks to more of a curve here. With crooked it is based more on a straight line and it is then off center. You might say “The mirror was bent when the car hit it.”
  • Raggedy: This means that something is old and not very nice. It means that it’s not new or good looking, and that you can likely tell that you’ve had it for awhile. It’s not ideal and it may be time to replace it. You might say “These pants are kind of raggedy. I need to get some new ones.”
  • Worn: This word can be used in a variety of different ways, but we’re looking at it for something like clothing. In this application, you are saying that it looks old and not fresh. The clothing or item is worn down, worn out, or just not nice and new anymore. You could say something like “That sweater is really worn. You really need to get rid of some of your old clothes.”

These are all different words, but they have similar applications.

Something is off or old or not as fresh when you use these words in this way.

Try practicing them and you can see how they help to describe some imperfection or wear–and this will help your cause for becoming more organized.

These are the types of words that you may hear often in English conversations, so they are great for you to practice with.

How Do You Decide What You Keep Or Get Rid Of?

There comes a time when you have to make a decision about getting rid of things.

This isn’t always easy because you have to sort through things and prioritize what you keep and what you get rid of.

Do you keep a lot of old things around because it’s hard to part with them?

Alternatively are you good at throwing things out and staying current and fresh?

We can all benefit from some organization sometimes, and so the idea of sorting through and getting rid of old things can be important.

So what can you do to stay ahead of this or be more organized?

  • Not buy new things until you’ve gotten rid of the old: When you want to buy nice new things, then that means it’s time to sort out what you have. You have to make it a commitment and priority to go through the old things and get rid of things that you never use. This is a great tip in theory, but you have to actually practice it. This allows you to make room for the new items, and ensures that you get rid of the old things just taking up space.
  • Schedule a time to go through old things: It may be every couple of months that you schedule yourself time to go through things. If you schedule it like an appointment then you are more likely to stick with it. This is your time to get rid of the old things you aren’t using anymore. It will make this task so much easier, and ensure that you stay organized.
  • Have a swap with friends: This works really well when it comes to baby or kid clothes or items. If you aren’t using something anymore, then give it to a friend. Have a swap where you exchange items that you can both use–but you won’t use on your own anymore. This is a great way to get more use out of items, and give them to a good new home. It’s a true win-win!

Staying on top of these things a little at a time makes organization a bit less overwhelming.

You will find that getting rid of the old and making room for the new ensures that you stay organized and use only what you really need.


We have taught you some words that go along with describing when something doesn’t look like it’s in “good shape.”

In addition to covering this in our Instagram video, we also gave you ideas on how to organize and throw things out or donate them when you don’t need them.

It’s so helpful to organize your space and everything all around you for many different reasons.

This helps you to have a clean space, a clear mind, and to focus on what’s truly important.

A little organization can go a long way, and so start by evaluating what you can do to help yourself get to this better place overall.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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