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expression passions in English

Are you a diehard fan of anything?

Have you heard this phrase used in English and wondered about its meaning?

Sometimes you feel very strongly or passionately about something that you like, and you want to express it.

We’re going to look at the phrase “diehard” and others like it, how you can use them, and when you might want to express your strong like of something in conversation.

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Expressing Your Strong Like of Something

You have things in your life that you like very much, and we all do.

This is a part of life where you develop hobbies or interests, and along the way you end up with things that you enjoy very much.

A great way to express that strong like is to say that you are a “diehard.”

This means that you have a huge fan, or that this is a really enormous part of your life.

If you say that you are a “diehard fan of Friends” then it means that you absolutely love this show.

Merriam Webster dictionary says that it also means “especially-strongly resisting change.”

So in this case you could say “I’m a diehard city girl. I’m never moving to the suburbs!”

The phrase “diehard” is a great way to express a strong like, and this is how you will most frequently see it used.

Other Ways To Say This

As with so many other phrases or words, there are multiple ways to say the same thing.

You may wish to express this in a different way, and these can serve as an excellent option for that.

It can be fun to try using these various phrases in conversation, especially once you get a feel for them.

  • Fanatic: This says the same thing in that you really like something. It may even be a bit more extreme and make a bolder statement. You could say something like “I’m a New York Knicks fanatic.”
  • Hard-Core: This is a more modern way of saying that you like something a lot. You are really into it, you follow it closely, or it has a big part in your life. You might say “I follow my favorite singer around the country. I’m a hard-core fan.” You could also say that you are hard core and leave it at that.
  • Freak: It’s another modern way of saying that you really enjoy something. It gets the point across, though the word “freak” can have multiple meanings. In this context though it means that you really like something. You could say “I’m a total soup freak. I eat it every single day.”

These phrases all work really well to express your strong like for something.

Try mixing it up and using them interchangeably, and see how they can add to your conversation.

Roleplay To Help

With a phrase like this you can really benefit from seeing it actively used in a roleplay.

In this roleplay Lindsay and Michelle are talking about getting tickets to shows that they both really like.

Lindsay: “Michelle, wanna come to the Coldplay concert with me? I know you’re a diehard fan!”

Michelle: “I used to be but not as much lately. I’m not as hardcore as I once was.”

Lindsay: “Too bad. I’m still a fanatic!” 

Michelle: “Well if you want, that night there’s a new Broadway show I have two tickets to if you want to join me.”

Lindsay: “Sorry Michelle. I’m a diehard concert goer–especially to Coldplay shows. I’ll go with you another time.”

Michelle: “Okay. You know me, I’m a live music freak, but I’m trying something new. I’ll be a Broadway enthusiast before you know it!”


If you are a fan of something or you really like something a certain way, now you know how to express that.

All of these phrases are great ways to tell people that you feel passionately about something.

This is always a fun topic of conversation, and it’s a great way to make connections with others.

Try to impress people with your vocabulary, and see if they may share a strong like of something with you.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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