Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Have you ever feel happy when something was over?

Did you ever struggle to get through something or feel satisfaction when it was done?

We’re going to look at what this expression can be like, and how you might use it.

This is an important connection skill as it can help you to express a very common emotion about what may have been a tough situation.

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Talking About Being Happy Something Is Over

Have you ever felt the satisfaction of something being over?

Take for example if you have ever binge watched a show, as so many of us do.

You may really enjoy the show, but then the idea of binge watching the entire season may be a bit much.

So when you get to that point where you finish a show or you finish that series, you may feel happy that it’s done.

That happy and satisfied feeling may be something that you experience whenever something is over.

You may have put in time or effort, and so you want to express that you are happy that this thing in your life is over.

It’s a very common feeling and one that you want to learn how to express in English.

This is an important connection skill, and so you will come to realize that you need to use this in the right situations.

It shows your emotions about something, and this in turn can connect you to others.

We’re going to talk about this today, so that you know how to express this emotion when it comes up.

When Would You Need To Express This Feeling?

So to fully understand this sort of feeling or expression, you want to think about when you might use it.

When would you need to express this?

There may be many different times when you want to express feeling satisfied or happy that something is over, but let’s take a look at a few.

  • End of a TV show/book/movie that you didn’t like: You may just be trying to get through it for the sake of finishing it. When that happens you may feel really happy that it’s over and therefore want to express this in the right way.
  • End of a difficult project: You put forth so much effort and you were so stressed and then you feel so happy when it’s all done. You completed it and now you are so happy that it’s done!
  • End of a test: This could be the IELTS exam or anything else that you have studied extensively for. You likely felt so much stress to get the studying in, and then when it’s over you feel so excited.
  • End of something that intimidates you: It may be that you are nervous or uncertain with this event or person. Perhaps it’s a meeting, an interview, or even a difficult discussion you have to have with a friend. You feel so many negative emotions leading up to it, and then when it’s done you feel so relieved.
  • End of being sick: Nobody likes to be sick and it can take a lot out of you. When you finally feel healthy and well it’s such an amazing feeling and you want to express how happy you are.

These are just a few instances where you want to express that you’re happy things are over with.

There are many more, but you start to see that it’s like a relief or you feel content that the hard part is over with.

Phrases To Help Express This

There are several phrases that you can use to express this emotion.

These are helpful to know because you are likely to use them at some point in time.

  • “Glad that’s over with”: You could say “I finally finished the show. Glad that’s over with. It was so long!” This is pretty straightforward and shows that you are happy whatever it is may finally be done. It may have been something that you didn’t enjoy or that seemed too long.
  • “Good riddance”: You might say something like “I’m so glad that test is over with. Good riddance!” This is like saying goodbye to something you didn’t like. It’s definitely a more extreme and negative sort of phrase.
  • “What a relief”: You might hear “I finally finished that 1000 page book. What a relief!” It’s another one that is very straightforward and you can almost hear the release in this phrase. It may have taken a lot out of you.
  • “That was a pain”/”What a pain that was”: You could say “Wow. We did it. The presentation is over. What a pain that was!” You can almost hear the painful expression in this statement. You didn’t enjoy it and therefore you’re glad it’s done.

Does this bring about too much negativity?

Can these phrases ever be inappropriate?

These are probably not good in certain situations at work, as it may make a boss or hiring manager feel uncomfortable or that you don’t enjoy your work.

In certain company cultures it could be okay, especially if your coworkers agree with you or your boss also had to work on something unpleasant.

It’s not good to use any of these too frequently as they can make you seem negative.

They may fill a need but they may not necessarily be something that you want to use all the time.

You just want to keep that in mind when you do use these.

Roleplay To Help

In this roleplay, Lindsay and Michelle just finished a school project.

Lindsay: “Oh my goodness, I am so glad that’s over with.”

Michelle: “Seriously. What a relief. It was stressing me out!”

Lindsay: “Me too. I am excited for this semester to be over. It’s been a tough one. Good riddance!”

Michelle: “I know. I can’t believe I passed the final. It was tough! Man, what a pain that was.”

Lindsay: “Definitely. I’m over it. On to the next one!”


These are useful to show you finished something you probably didn’t enjoy.

This can apply to something that you are glad is over with or that caused you negative emotions along the way.

Think about what contexts you may use it in your life.

How can you use it to connect?

This is something that we will all experience, and so knowing how to talk about it is so important.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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