Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

In this episode you will hear a role play between Lindsay and her co-host where they have a misunderstanding when it comes to scheduling a time to practice English online.

Here are some mistakes that you are making when you try to meet Americans online:

  • You aren’t setting a specific time: If you aren’t setting a specific time with someone then you are saying to the person that you are rude and that you don’t actually care about practicing. It also makes you appear flaky. Flaky means that you are not reliable. Only schedule a time that you KNOW you can meet the person and that there won’t be any other conflicts.
  • You aren’t giving enough advance notice: Are you emailing your English partner to ask them to help you only one hour in advance? This is completely rude. It’s disrespectful. Instead, give the person at least 24 hours of advance notice for scheduling and for cancelling any appointment.
  • You are treating a Skype meeting as different from meeting in person: Remember that across the screen there is a real person who has given up something else to meet with you. Treat them well. Cancel in advance or if there is an emergency contact them as soon as possible. The worst thing you could do is not show up and not let them know.


Success means understanding what your colleagues, friends, and partners are thinking even if they are from another culture.

Success comes from empathy!

Think about your cultural point of view when it comes to time.

Tell us in the comments!

How do you handle scheduling in your culture? How do you think it’s different from the US?

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