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Have you heard people use the word “indeed” in English?

Does this word often feel a bit confusing to you?

This is one of those words that has very distinct uses, and so you want to understand those well.

Though it may be a word that you may not use often, you do want to understand the correct way to use it and try it out.

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Today we have a question about the word “indeed.”

Hi ladies,

I love your show and I listen all the time! I have a question about a word that I hear often. Can you explain how to use the word “indeed?” It seems that there are so many ways to use it, and I am lost!

Thank you for your help,


Understanding A Sometimes Tricky Word

This is a great question because indeed can be a tricky word sometimes.

You may hear it a lot but feel unsure of how to use it.

Basically indeed means “truth” in some way or it’s like saying “truthfully, yes.”

There are many ways to use it, and that may be what makes this word a bit harder to use.

We will go over a few today, but that is kind of the overarching definition of the word so you can understand its puprose.

Indeed may be a word that isn’t used very often, as it sounds a bit more formal.

You might use it in writing or in a more serious situation.

Today we will give you the basics and some of the ways that it may be used more frequently.

It can always be helpful to see the actual dictionary definition which is here:

How Is It Used?

So you see that this can be a tricky word, and you want to understand how it tends to be used.

There are two main ways that the word “indeed” is used, and you want to understand both of them.

  1. To confirm: This is likely the most common as it is confirming something that was already said or done. It’s like reiterating or giving confirmation to a previous statement. It can be a bit cheesy sounding, but useful. A few examples may be “Do you have the package? Yes indeed!” “Did you like the coffee? Indeed!” You can also say “I sure do/did” or “that’s right” or even just use “definitely!”
  2. To highlight or stress: This is highlighting a key point or idea in your conversation. It’s helping to stress that point and just adding this one word really helps it to stand out. A few examples include” This test is a tough one indeed.” “I am indeed right about this decision, as you will see.” “Indeed there will be a lot of hard work we need to do, but we will get it done!” You could also use a couple of other options that work much the same such as “of course”, “clearly”, or “truth be told.”

These are the two instances where you can expect to use the word indeed.

It has a very distinct purpose, and so you want to be sure that you use it in the right setting in the right way.

Roleplay To Help

In this roleplay, Lindsay and Michelle are going over our plans for the weekend party.

Lindsay: “So did you get the party hats?”

Michelle: “I did indeed!”

Lindsay: “And the cake?”

Michelle: “Yes indeedy!”

Lindsay: “We have a lot of people to call indeed to get everything we need.”

Michelle: Yup, this is indeed a big endeavor. It will be great!”

Again, this is very formal sounding, and so you want to be sure that you are using it in the right way at the right time.

However it is useful to know, and there are bound to be occasions to use it.

You might use it more in a sarcastic and funny way.

You will hear it from time to time, so it’s good to know and be aware of.


This is a tricky word but it is widely used.

It is formal so use it only in formal situations or to be sarcastic or funny in some way.

Try it out, and let us know how you use this word.

It can be a tricky word, but it has its place and so you want to know how to use it at the right time.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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