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What are some days that you would say are important in history, or within your personal history?

Do you ever wonder what parts of history books will be devoted to days that we have lived in?

Have you ever thought about how many pages each section would get?

If you have ever thought about life changing moments, then this is what we are focused on today.

We’re going to talk about the moments that stand out in your own life, in history, and how can make this a part of the conversation and important connections that you make.

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We have a question about how to describe these important days.

Good evening lovely ladies,

I have a question that I am hoping you can help me to answer relatively quickly. Is there any idiom or expression for when you describe a certain day of glory in history? Is there a special way it should be written down or recorded? Is there something about writing it down in gold water?

We have something similar to that sort of expression that we use in Arabic. We say “it should be written between the lines in gold water.” So I’m wondering if there is something similar to designate a special time period to recognize in English.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Talking About Things In History

This is a great question, though it’s a bit unclear if the listener is asking about the good old days, bad days, or days in history overall.

Perhaps this is a question about how to discuss important days in your own personal history, which may be a possibility as well.

There isn’t really a direct phrase that’s equivalent to this in English.

The one that the listener brought up about gold water in English is beautiful, but there isn’t a direct translation of such a phrase that is used in English.

We all have different things that have happened in history that we like to talk about and reflect upon.

We all have things that happened in our own past that can be a great addition to conversation.

You want to think through those sort of things and the way in which they affected you.

These can be interesting to reflect upon, but can also lead to great conversation.

There are some ways to say this sort of thing, as we talk about days that were important in the past or in history all the time.

Ways To Talk About Important Days

So how do you capture these historical moments?

How do you talk about some of the moments in the past that were meaningful to you?

How do you convey that something was big in your own life or that touched you deeply in history?

There are a couple of great phrases that you can use to talk about this sort of thing.

Check these out and then you can use them when you are engaged in this sort of conversation, which may be more frequently than you think.

  • A significant day in history: This offers a distinction to a day that has some sort of special meaning. This may be to you personally, to your country or your culture, or to the world as a whole. There are some days and some moments that are so meaningful that you can’t possibly forget them even if you wanted to.
  • A milestone: This is a distinction for something that has special meaning. It may be turning a certain age, or a measure of something meaningful that happened with a child. It may be a big birthday, anniversary, or some special occasion. It may be used to describe things in history or in your own life because it has a wide range of uses.
  • “A moment/day/year/etc. I’ll never forget”: This is used to describe something really big that you can’t ever forget. It is likely designated for the monumental things that may have changed your life forever. Many would say this about something like September 11th, even on a universal basis.
  • Go down in the history books: This could be used for something to designate that history was made. It may be something like an election or the overthrowing of a public figure. Whatever the occurrence it was huge and it will never be forgotten.
  • Making history: Sometimes you may recognize in the moment that history is being made. It may be that you can feel it or that you are well aware that whatever is occurring is really big and that this will be something that people look back on for years.
  • History-making moment: It may be that one moment where something big occurred or where one moment defined everything. You can point to that moment when you look back. You can feel it when you are in the middle of it. This is almost magical and is definitely life changing in the way that it is occurring.
  • Momentous: This captures the very essence of what is happening as something that memories are made of. It is enormous, historical, and will forever change the lives or the memories of those involved.

These are all great ways to talk about something that is memorable and that may have changed history.

These are great conversations to have, and so you want to be sure that you practice these so that you can be a part of things when they come up.

Think Of This In Your Own Life

This is a really interesting concept as you may want to think back to important times in your own life.

This is a great way of connecting with others, and so you want to think it through ahead of time.

You can use this as a great conversation starter, or use it to be a part of the conversation in a personal way.

When you think back and reflect upon what you have done in your own life, or even historic happenings, it can make for some great memories.

It can get you really thinking of what happened, and this can lead to great conversation and connection points with others.

Here are a couple of questions that you can use to help facilitate this process.

  • What is a moment you will never forget in your life?
  • What is something that happened in history that you will never forget and you remember vividly?
  • What events from the past four years do you think will go down in the history books?
  • Where were you when big historical events happened and how did you react?
  • What is something that happened in your life that changed things for you?

This can go in so many different directions, but it’s a great start to thinking of these sort of topics in your own life.

The way that things happened in history is a great source of connection too because many people may have lived through such a similar circumstance as well.

It can be helpful to reflect first upon what happened or what is memorable or important to you.

Then you can figure out how and when to use this in conversation and to connect with others.


We gave you some useful phrases, our thoughts on history, and a cultural perspective.

What is important to you in history?

What is an important part of your culture or memorable within your country?

These are helpful things to think through because they can be a really important part of your past.

These are also great conversation starters, as well as ways to connect with others.

Try them out in conversation and see how they can contribute to both in a really meaningful way.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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