AEE 151: English Puns You Can Use at a Party

English puns

Do you like to tell jokes at parties?

Would you like to be able to tell a few jokes in English?

Today you’ll learn how to play with words and have a lot of “pun”!

What is a pun?

It’s a creative use of the language, usually using the literal meaning of the language and then a more creative, idiomatic use of the word.


Pun #1

What is acupuncture? Acupuncture is a “jab” well done?

“To jab someone”: to poke someone

“A job well done”: You did a great job


Pun #2

Once you’ve seen one shopping center, you’ve seen the mall

“You’ve seen them all”: They are all pretty similar

“You’ve seen the mall” : The mall is the shopping center


Pun #3

Bakers trade recipes on a knead to know basis

“On a need-to-know basis”: An exclusive secret, something that is not told to everyone, only those who need the information

“To knead”: To work with dough


What English puns do you know?

Share them here in the comments!

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