Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Trying to decide where to eat or what to do on the weekend?

How can you tell them to decide for themselves in English?

In today’s episode, Lindsay and Michelle share how you can casually let someone decide in different ways.

Listen in and elevate your English conversation today.

Are You The One To Make The Decisions?

Michelle shares she can be indecisive at times. Lindsay has gotten better at making decisions through the years.

She tries to combine the mind, the heart and the gut.

She often decides not to decide which is not really the right thing to do.

Michelle shares she recently bought a big boy bed for their son.

They were deciding on which bed to buy.

Her husband is usually the one who makes good decisions but for this situation she was able to decide well.

The bed they decided to get was her choice and it fit their son’s room so well.

She learned to be easy on herself and trust herself to make the right decisions from time to time.

Decision Making By Other People

Michelle asks Lindsay if she is comfortable when someone else makes a decision for her.

Lindsay answers that it depends on the situation.

If it’s a situation where someone else making the decision can relieve you from stress and pressure, then that’s fine.

It’s good to have someone give you direction when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck.

But if it’s a situation where it requires her input and the person just goes ahead and makes the decision without discussing it with her, she’s not too happy about that.

Lindsay feels like she’s losing her voice when someone does that.

You lose the freedom to have a say on what needs to happen and control the effects the decision would have on you.

Michelle mentions a previous episode they did about decision making in episode AEE 1553: Something to Chew On – How to Make Decisions in English.

Another episode the All Ears English team did that’s relevant to today’s topic is episode AEE 1522: How To Show Your Flexibility In English.

Let Someone Make the Decision

How can you convey that someone can make a decision for themselves?

Here are different terms you can use to casually let someone know to decide for themselves along with roleplays to better understand how it is used:

  • Your decision”

Lindsay: Where should we eat?

Michelle: Your decision. I’m good with whatever.

Deciding on where to eat is always a tough decision to make.

In this example, Lindsay and Michelle remove the verb because it’s a casual way to just let them know that they can decide.

  • “Your call”

Michelle: Should we take the train or the bus?

Lindsay: Your call.

In a previous episode, we talked about “Your Call.”

Click here to listen to it.

Lindsay likes this term and it sounds so respectful and recommends for others to use this.

  • “Your choice”

Lindsay: Should we make chicken or beef?

Michelle: Your choice. Maybe both?

We make decisions every day and it’s important that you convey your thoughts and opinions in a conversation in English.

Using this term lets your friend know they can just make a choice and you’ll go with it.

  • “Up to you”

Michelle: Do you want me to make grilled cheese or mac and cheese?

Lindsay: Ooo up to you. I love either one.

This is how a native English speaker would let someone know that they can decide for themselves.

You also show that you trust what they decide on and you’re happy to tag along.

  • Bonus: “You name it”

Lindsay: What should we eat?

Michelle: I can eat Thai food, sushi, pizza…you name it!

This is kind of saying it’s up to you in a way, but a bit different.

This term can be used for many other situations. In this context, you are saying for someone to make a decision.

Lindsay and Michelle will be preparing another episode to share the many ways of using this term.

Should You Let Someone Decide For You Always?

Lindsay and Michelle share that letting someone else always make the decision for you should not become a habit.

You may be seen as a pushover.

This means that you are someone that doesn’t have a backbone and you’re okay to just let someone take control of your life.

Another reason why you shouldn’t let others decide for you is you may seem detached.

In business, your actions may be interpreted negatively.

It may let your colleagues see you as someone who doesn’t care about anything.

It’s your life and you should take control of it.

For small decisions, it’s alright to let someone make the choice for you but with big life decisions, take charge.

You can still allow other people to make decisions, and you can suggest a decision and give your input so that they know you have weight on the matter.


Try the terms shared today. You can use them all the time when you’re out with friends, family or loved ones.

We make decisions several times a day.

It can be simple like where you want to eat, what color to paint the walls in your living room, or even what time you want to meet for a catchup with friends.

There are tons of opportunities to use this expression.

Practice consistently and you’ll get the hang of speaking in English like a native speaker.

What decisions did you let others make a choice for you?

Share in the comments below and we’d love to see how you can use the terms we’ve discussed today.

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