Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Are you moving to New York City with a dream to be on Broadway?

Or do you just want to reach the highest level of success in your global career?

In today’s episode, Lindsay talks to guest Alan Seales who is a well-known producer in the Broadway world.

He explains what it means to be your own product for more success in life, performance, and business.

Alan Seales is part of the Broadway Podcast Network and was the original lead at Talks at Google.

Alan also has two podcasts of his own. Check out The Theatre Podcast and Was It Chance

Broadway Producer Alan Seales

Alan is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

The Big Apple is known to have a lot of Broadway shows. Lindsay loves broadway and has watched the shows Phantom of the Opera and Wicked.

Most All Ears English listeners want to make a life in New York or have a successful career on Broadway.

Lindsay asks Alan, what does it mean to be your own product?

Alan says that if you decide to enter the world of acting where you are in the public eye to be critiqued and viewed, you have to accept that you are a brand.

You are a performer that basically has to be a good actor, dancer, and singer to make it on Broadway.

Some make it because of sheer luck, but the majority of those who succeed do so because of their drive and their proper marketing of themselves.

This is why you are your own product, you have to create your own presence and pave the way for your opportunities.

You are selling yourself to be the choice for projects and work you want.

Three Tips to Get Into That Prime Spot You Want

Lindsay says that there will be goals and aspirations that we want to get.

This circles back to how you market yourself as a product.

It is not always easy because there may not always get the opportunities you want.

Alan agrees with this, especially in the Broadway business where you have to create your own chance.

He cites Lin-Manuel Miranda as an example.

When he was starting out, there weren’t many Latin American composers that were given a chance to shine on Broadway.

He wrote his own songs and Broadway shows.

He is known for In the Heights and Hamilton.

Eventually, someone saw his potential and believed in him thus giving him the break he wanted.

Now he is a well-known composer, lyricist, actor, and filmmaker.

Alan says that this is a story he is sharing to show that if the opportunity you are looking for doesn’t exist, you can create it.

Imposter Syndrome

He also mentions that most people experience “impostor syndrome” when at work.

The impostor syndrome is the feeling of being out of place.

You doubt your abilities and feel like you don’t belong in a group of people.

When you are striving for something this often happens which brings us to the first tip that Alan Seales shares to break out of your shell.

Alan’s Tips for Success in NYC

  • Look around and realize that you deserve to be there. To get over the impostor syndrome you have to embrace who you are. Once you realize you deserve to be there you can create the opportunities you want. Always look ahead and see you belong and if you don’t see the chances you want to take, you can make it for yourself. Take the classes and lessons you need to work towards your goal. Embrace your uniqueness. There are a lot of actors who are making a career out of being different. Alan’s example is Josh Gad who is the voice of Olaf. His voice is very nasal and distinct and this is what has opened more doors for him to play characters specific to his talent. In the business setting, this can also help you stand out from your colleagues. Think of the unique abilities and skills you can bring to the table to make everyone better. This in return makes you look and be better as well. Companies value this kind of professional.
  • Don’t put yourself in a position where you have to work to live. Alan shares that you have to plan ahead. He has friends he knows that moved to New York and didn’t plan for the expenses to live in New York while chasing their dreams. They missed the chance to turn up for opportunities like auditions. You have to make sure you use your time properly and not deviate from the goal you want to achieve.
  • Never stop learning. Never forget to be humble and keep taking lessons and classes to constantly improve yourself. Especially if you want a career in Broadway, dancing and singing are skills which you constantly need to practice. If you stop it will atrophy or you’ll lose the skill. Make sure you continuously train yourself and get better at your craft. Don’t stop once you have reached your goals. Make new goals and keep going. Alan shares a famous quote from Tony Award winner, Andre De Sheilds: “The top of one mountain is the bottom of the next, so keep climbing.”


There are a lot of life and career lessons we can learn from Broadway actors and actresses.

Alan Seales hosts podcasts on the Broadway Podcast Network that you can listen to and get insights from famous and successful Broadway Stars.

You can listen to his solo podcast known as The Theatre Podcast with Alan Seales.

And his other podcast called Was it Chance? where they discuss moments of failure that eventually helped them succeed in the end.

You can also follow Alan on Twitter and Instagram: @theatre_podcast and TikTok:@thetheatrepodcast or

For whatever goal you want to achieve, whether in Broadway or in other careers, Alan’s tips will help you distinguish yourself from others.

Keep learning, embrace your uniqueness and plan ahead so that when your big opportunity presents itself, you will be ready to jump on it.

Do you want a career in broadway?

Share in the comments below what tip is helpful to you in starting your career.

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