Are you planning to live in another country?

In today’s episode, Lindsay talks to TV Star Alex Boylan who shares three key things that he learned from navigating the globe for television.

Listen in and get tips you can apply to your own life abroad and global business.

Alex Boylan’s Amazing Journey

Lindsay is happy to introduce the guest for today’s episode, Alex Boylan.

You may have seen him on television as the winner of the reality TV Series, The Amazing Race season two.

He has been the host of the PBS series, The Chef’s Table and has been in more than 100 episodes for the Travel channel.

He has also been nominated for an Emmy for his work in the Steve Harvey show.

Lindsay points out that based on his bio, the biggest theme of his life and what he does is adventure.

Alex strongly agrees.

He is up for any type of adventure.

Whether trying new food, travelling to a new place, or doing a new challenge, he doesn’t hesitate to do it.

Lindsay loves that because she is a big adventurer as well.

She shares that she loves going to new places and exploring new things.

For Alex, adventure is not knowing what is around the corner and that for him is exciting.

He feels so blessed to live on planet Earth, surrounded by all the wonder and culture that is just waiting to be discovered and experienced.

He loves having the opportunity to share stories about other people and countries.

Three Tips on How to Navigate Globally

Alex is part of a show called “Around the World for Free.”

Lindsay mentions that adventure is a big part of our lives and that the show that Alex is part of is fascinating to watch.

She asks Alex what the premise of that show is.

Alex shares that the premise of the show “Around the World for Free”, is there is one person travelling around the world for free which enforces them to experience the real everyday life of locals throughout the journey.

Lindsay is fascinated by Alex’s experience in the show including his travel during his participation in The Amazing Race.

She asks Alex what are the three things he can share in today’s episode about how to navigate globally.

  • Tip #1: A smile and a wave goes farther and opens more doors than anything else you can imagine.

Alex always advises this to his friends and even the crew in every show he does. Lindsay loves this advice because we can implement this right away. This can be implemented in business or even in your own personal life. Lindsay asks Alex when he usually does the smile and wave move when he is travelling. Alex says he is a person with a happy disposition. He is very outgoing and loves interacting with people so he is often smiling and waving. He adds that when you smile, you should do it authentically. This can help you encourage other people to be open to interacting with you.

  • Tip #2: Be curious and ask questions.

Alex says that on this planet, people are diverse. No one has the same story, is carrying the same weight or is going through the same thing. When you are travelling around the world, asking questions and being curious about the local people will help you immerse in their culture much better. Everyone loves sharing about what their country is about and how they live differently compared to you. It is highly advisable to reach out and ask questions to learn more about other people directly from them. Alex says the simple question “where do the locals hang out?” is a great conversation starter. It is not the tourist places that give you the full experience of the local’s everyday experiences. By getting the answer to this question, you know where your next target destination will be.

  • Tip #3: Take public transportation.

As per Alex, this is connected with the second tip. Taking public transportation gets you the chance to be with the locals. This gives you a much more authentic and direct cultural experience that fully immerses you. When you are one with the crowd, you are able to interact better and ask more questions. This adds learning to your journey as well which is the point of each adventure. It’s connecting with the locals and understanding their culture on a level that enriches your experience and knowledge about the world.

Lindsay then asks Alex if in “Around the World for Free”, was there ever a time when he wanted to give up and not push through with travelling without spending anything.

Alex says no because he got to experience an uncomfortable situation one minute and then in the next minute, everything would be fine. This is the nature of international travel.

Alex appreciates the challenge and the shifting situations he encounters in his global travels.


You can learn more about Alex’s work at “The College Tour.”

The storyline of the show is sharing stories of college students all around America.

They highlight the value of education and what college life is like in America.

They give potential students an insider’s view on each college and what it’s really like.

You can watch this show on Amazon Prime.

He also has an Instagram account you can follow which is @boylanalex

The world is truly an amazing place and the people in different countries make it extra fascinating to go and explore the world.

Building connections and relationships with diverse people is so enriching and fulfilling.

Alex’s Bio:

After winning CBS’s Amazing Race at 23 years old, Alex has gone on to have an amazing career both in front and behind the camera. ​ Above all else, Alex is an adventurer, traveler, and storyteller. He has filmed in nearly every state in America and over 60 countries around the world.

He hosted the #1 food series on PBS At The Chef’s Table and the #1 animal series on PBS Animal Attractions, was CBS’s ‘National Ambassador’ for two summers on the ‘CBS Buzz Tour’, hosted over 100 segments for Travel Channel, was Rachael Ray’s sidekick hosting ‘Rach to the Rescue’ for her syndicated talk show and circumnavigated the world without a penny in his pocket as the star of ‘Around The World For Free’…amongst many more.

Where do you plan to go on your next adventure?

Share it in the comments below.

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