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What does it take to be happy?

Today, we talk with Michael Miller about what you can do to live every day like a vacation!

There are many ideas about how to achieve happiness.

Getting in touch with yourself, others, or higher powers is often suggested.

So is living a conscious life, being aware of your own thoughts and feelings so that you live in the moment.

But these are a little abstract.  Michael, an expert on happiness, has some concrete actions that you take to find more happiness every day.


Michael’s Tips for Happiness:

  • Practice Being Present.  Try doing nothing for at least ten minutes every day.  If you don’t want to meditate, get out into nature, or simply go for a walk.
  • Play Once a Day.  Don’t focus totally on work.  Allow your “inner child” to play, so you can avoid burnout.
  • Make an Integrity List.  Write out your thoughts, words and actions about what you want to do.  Then, see if they are in alignment and look for negatives.  For example, if you think about and want to do something, but don’t do it, that is negative.  Until you have alignment, you do not have integrity in this part of your life.


Michael Miller is an author, professional life and executive coach, and motivational speaker. He lives in NY and has lived in Suzhou, China, Hong Kong and has traveled to over 30 countries.

Check out The Vacation Never Ends and take a look at Michael’s coaching service!

Michael also wrote a book called “Four Weeks to Your American Dream Job” and you can check that out on his site called Culture Adapt.



What do you do to achieve happiness?

Tell us your tips in the comments section below!

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