Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

It’s episode 2000 of the All Ears English podcast!

In today’s episode, you will hear the voices of our listeners.

We ask them why they believe in Connection NOT Perfection™.

Plus, Lindsay and Michelle quiz each other on host trivia.

Listen in and enjoy this moment with us today.

2,000 episodes of All Ears English

The entire All Ears English team is dedicated and passionate to help all English learners.

This is the 2,000th episode and it is amazing to be able to come to this point where we have shared so much with each other.

We are going to celebrate this big moment.

The All Ears English team is truly grateful to all the listeners who have supported them through the years.

In this episode, we will be hearing from our listeners.

They’ll share why they think it is important to connect in English instead of worrying about perfect grammar or pronunciation.

We sent out questions to a bunch of our listeners and we will play back their answers so you can also hear from them.

The beginning of All Ears English

It’s an amazing feeling to get to this point in the podcast.

We are going strong and there are no signs of stopping.

Lindsay shares that when she started this podcast, it was supposed to be just a hobby.

She didn’t think it’d become a company that helps a lot of people.

After the first hundred episodes she realized she was starting something great.

Michelle shares when she joined the All Ears English team in 2014.

She had a radio background and was happy to get the spot of joining the podcast team.

At that time in her life, she was teaching in Manhattan and she was just about to get married.

Now, 2,000 episodes later, she now has two kids and has travelled a lot.

Doing podcasts has always given the All Ears English team energy.

Another celebration coming up is the 10th year anniversary.

There are big things happening this year at AEE!

Why learn English?

We asked our listeners who they learn English for and why they believe in Connection NOT Perfection™.

The first question they answer is their motivation and purpose for learning English.

Here are the answers:

My name is Jaiyi. I’m from Harbing, China. I’m learning English for myself so that I can communicate with people all over the world.

Hi, my name is Jo, I’m from Taiwan. I’m learning English to connect with people and as an English teacher in a non-native country, it is essential for me to use English for my work. My husband is my inspiration as he is also a non-native English speaker but has reached a near-native level which I really admire.

My name is Yogendra Patel. I am from Salem, North Carolina. I am learning English for myself so that I can become a US-licensed pharmacist.

Hi guys, my name is Laura. I’m from Brazil and I’m learning English for myself because I’m really passionate about it and it brings me so much joy, you have no idea.

My name is Jeff. I’m from China. I”m learning English for myself and my daughter, so that I can advance my career and help my daughter learn about the world and also get her on the right path to good communication.

Hello, my name’s Carmelino Garcia. I’m from Mexico. I’m learning English for myself because I like listening to music, watching movies and CDs in English, and for getting a better job. Thank you.

Hi, I’m Megumi from Japan who is the mother of three kids and raising them in English since they were born. I listen to this amazing podcast in order to make conversation as natural as possible, and it’s been so helpful.

Hello, this is Vicky from Mexico, and I do learn English because I’m an English teacher and my students are my inspiration to get better every day for them.

My name is Zainab. I’m from Sri Lanka. My inspiration is myself.

The reason why I learn English is because I want to go to USA or Canada for living purposes, or the purpose to pursue my studies there.

My name is Haley. I’m from Taiwan. I’m learning English for myself so that I don’t have regrets looking back. Being able to speak native like English is something I aim for in my life.

Hello All Ears English what’s shaking it’s Alfredo Martin from Angola. I’m learning English for my sisters so they realize there are more opportunities for new international and can effectively engage with people all around the world.

I am Pantipa from Thailand. I am learning English for myself and my exchange families abroad so that I can communicate with them well and also broaden my horizon.

You’ll notice that most of these English learners are learning for themselves.

They are making a path to success for themselves in their careers and for their family members.

Connection NOT Perfection™

This is a quote brought by Lindsay into the All Ears English community which was inspired by a quote by Jim Rohn.

He said: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

This has been a mindset shared with listeners so they won’t get stuck trying to speak perfectly.

Here are what the All Ears English listeners have to say about this:

I believe in connection not perfect because when it comes to communication, it’s all about conveying understandable messages instead of speaking perfect English.

I believe in connection not perfection because the important thing is to get your message across not speak English perfectly. Nobody can speak English perfectly.

I believe in connection not perfection because in this way, I open myself to other people. Not only does it bring me more opportunities to practice my English, but also create friendships with others.

I believe in connection not perfection because nothing is perfect. In my life, I have searched for perfection a long time and then I realized connecting with people is important not perfecting it.

I believe in connection, not perfection because I think the relationships we build with others are more valuable than striving for perfection.

I believe in connection not perfection because perfection itself is a hindrance to the connection with the people.

I believe in connection, not perfection because connection creates value for you, your family, friends, and colleagues, and potentially the whole world, whereas perfection is usually for yourself.

I believe in connection not perfection because it allows you to have meaningful conversations with people, and when you’re focusing on the connection you’re able to convey your thoughts, feelings, and ideas so much better.

Thanks for the All Ears English motto that promotes the saying connection not perfection which I couldn’t agree more because with a good connection it will pave the way for various opportunities that may lead the way to your success both professionally and personally.

Well, I believe in connection not perfection because it makes you speak more fluently and speak like native speakers.

I believe in connection not perfection because now I listen to news English every day with my kids. My brain and mouth got used to speaking English, and I feel English is just a tool which makes me easier to communicate with native speakers whenever I see them in Japan.

The reason I believe in connection not perfection is someday I want to become a teacher, a TESOL teacher, so that is one of the main reasons why I learn English.

Host trivia questions

Lindsay and Michelle have been recording the All Ears English podcast together for a long time now.

They’ve learned a lot of trivia about each other.

Here are some details about them that you may know from watching and listening to All Ears English podcasts and YouTube episodes.


  • Her all-time favorite movie is Father of the Bride.
  • She studied in London.


  • Her dog’s name is Keifer.
  • She loves ice cream over cookies and cake.


Michelle has learned resilience from the listeners.

Our listeners stay with us because they want to achieve their dreams.

She is inspired because they really want to learn and they are professionals, mothers, fathers, friends, brothers, sisters, etc.

She loves that this has created a global community.

For Lindsay, she has gained the courage to learn a new language herself.

They are teachers but they are also learners and know what it feels like to study another language.

The All Ears English team is so thankful for the immense support over the years.

They are impressed by the change that everyone has brought to their lives through All Ears English.

What do you think is next for the All Ears English community?

Post stories and questions in the comments below. We love to hear from every one of you.

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