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Do you want to maximize your English learning and get fluent in English faster?

Today you’ll learn how to maximize your English learning by using spreadsheets with Jane Lawson from Daily Step!

You’ll also learn two other very cool tips to speak English like a native.



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Learn native pronunciation and vocabulary.


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How to Maximize Your English Learning:

  • Learn to Think in English:  Talk to yourself aloud or in your head while you are walking around the house, walking down the road, or watching TV. Describe exactly what you are doing each day in English. This is a great way to highlight any gaps or missing pieces in your vocabulary.  Talk to yourself about your plans and what you are going to do that day. This is a great way to keep your mind at the right speed to speak with natives. Eventually you will start to dream in your native language!
  • Get Transcripts: Get the words if you are listening to an audiobook or if you are listening to a podcast get the transcripts. Speak along while you read the words on the script. Look at the words that you aren’t pronouncing clearly but are actually in the conversation. Get the transcripts for All Ears English here!
  • Keep a Record of What You Learn: Use a spreadsheet. Copy and paste the words that you have already learned into the spreadsheet. Categorize them according to grammar topic, type of vocabulary, etc. This will help you build momentum and will keep you motivated. This will also help you see what your active vocabulary and what your passive vocabulary is.


Bio for Jane Lawson from Daily Step

Jane Lawson

Jane is a London-based teacher, with over 20 years of experience teaching English to all levels and in a range of specialist subjects. Jane started her website, Daily Step to try to bridge the gap in level between the reading and writing skills of her students, and their speaking and listening skills, which were often much lower.

She saw that even advanced students who did well in exams could often not fully join a real conversation between native speakers. Jane’s philosophy is that it’s better to learn a little each day and remember it clearly. We all need a sense of achievement and most of us are too busy to spend a long time each day studying.

Visit Jane at Daily Step!


Let’s have a conversation in the comments section!

Have you tried thinking in English today? What’s your biggest challenge with that?

Have you tried using spreadsheets to mark what you have already learned? How did it go?

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