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Are you a perfectionist when it comes to learning English?

If you are, then you are not alone!

Today we have an awesome guest! Today Jun from Hapa Eikaiwa is here to talk about how you can beat this problem.

Do you feel like you are afraid of making mistakes or that everything that you say has to be perfect?

Jun has found that a lot of his students rehearse their sentences in their heads and can’t jump into a conversation and express themselves because of perfectionism.

Do you think more than you talk?


Jun’s Tips for Beating Perfectionism:

  • Remember that you are learning English as a second language and you are going to make mistakes. People won’t judge you for that. People aren’t waiting to judge you. People are worried about their own mistakes, not yours.
  •  Learn from your mistakes
  •  If you are a perfectionist, be aware of it and try to get rid of that feeling of fear by speaking more and more every day


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Jun from Hapa Eikaiwa

Visit Jun’s site at Hapa Eikaiwa

Hello! My name is Jun Senesac.

I run a language school in Orange County.

I am a writer, blogger, entrepreneur, but a teacher at heart.

I love to travel, meet and interact with new people and explore new things.


Share your thoughts in the comments!

Are you a perfectionist?

How do you plan to overcome this challenge?


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