AEE 300: Behind the Scenes of All Ears English

All Ears English Episode 300

This is our 300th episode!

We are happy to be able to continue All Ears English for our amazing listeners!

Today let’s talk about how All Ears English got started, what we do to publish each episode, and what it means for you if you want to put your creative vision out into the world!


Today we’ll talk about:

  • The idea: Lindsay was feeling frustrated with what she had seen in the ESL field. English learning didn’t seem to be working for many students. She was also listening to podcasts at the time and she felt an intuitive voice saying that maybe it was time to start a podcast so she found a partner to work with and got started. If you aren’t hearing any voices in your heart of mind about your creative project, look at what’s needed in the world and go out and investigate that idea.
  • The background research: We tried our best to avoid “analysis paralysis.” We did a little bit of research to see that other people were doing this and that people were downloading these types of podcasts. When you get started on your creative vision, don’t let “research” hold you back because it may be a form of procrastination. Research is a way of staying safe and not taking the risk of launching.
  • Production/recording: We kept in mind Seth Godin’s philosophy of “the dip.” We hit a dip in our first three months of producing this project. All Ears English almost failed.  We couldn’t get the audio right. There was a learning curve, especially with the technology. We had to throw out an entire day of work because it wasn’t good enough. If you are creating something, you are going to hit a dip. You need to keep pushing beyond the dip because in the long run you will be happy that you did.
  • Editing: Quality is king. This may sound contradictory to “Connection NOT Perfection” but it’s not because we consider our work to be art. We don’t seek perfection but we do seek the highest possible quality that we can reach. Remember, people want to see that you are human. You make mistakes and it’s fine but quality also matters. Find a balance. When you put out your vision keep this in mind.
  • Publishing: This is the crucial moment. You have finished your project and now it’s time to show your “art” to the world. In this moment a lot of people don’t publish or they don’t “ship” because they get scared. Why is it scary? It’s scary because you are vulnerable at this time and anyone can come and criticize what you have done. Reid Hoffman says, “If you aren’t embarrassed by the first version of your product then you have launched too late.”
  • Rinse and repeat: Four times per week we publish episodes. You need to put your work out into the world on a regular basis, not just once. This builds up a sense of resilience and self confidence. No matter what you’re working on, there is always going to be someone who doesn’t like your work but that doesn’t matter.


** Get a chance to meet with Lindsay on Skype for 15 minutes!

If we get 300 comments we will choose one person to meet with Lindsay on Skype and practice English.


What are YOU working on?

What is your creative art or vision that you are putting out into the world?

Answer these questions:

1) What are you working on?

2) What challenges have you had?

3) What have you learned?

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  • 1) I am working on moving my English to the highest level with AEE .
    2) I’ve had a great deal of challenges in learning English and life struggles .
    3) I’ve learned to be more active on connecting English with people and culture . And keep my life simple and fun !

  • @mollie_tai:disqus great thanks for your comment Mollie! thanks for letting us know about your vision, your challenge, and your struggles.

  • Attila Cheng

    Thank you for these 300 episodes! 🙂 I’m happy that you accepted my initiatives for behind the scenes episode. 🙂

  • Anastacia

    Hey guys!!! I am working on getting a lean toned feminine body. I’ve had a bunch of challenges. I have to be self disciplined and deterrmined 24/7. I have to eat clean and train every single day!!! Sometimes it can be really hard to do. But I try to stay focused!!! I’ve learnt a few things.The first thing is that if you dont see changes, it doesnt mean that they arent happening. The second thing is to never give up. The last thing is that doing exercises helps me to study English better!!! 🙂

  • Anastacia

    Thanks guys for your awesome job!!! I am a big fan of ALL EARS ENGLISH!!! 🙂

  • @disqus_PSz7nsnWxj:disqus very nice work! It sounds like you are super dedicated to your vision and goal and you have given us some good advice here. Thanks and keep working toward it!

  • @attilacheng:disqus Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Alfonso De Miguel

    Congratulations from Spain for those 300 AEE episodes full of positive energy

  • Christina

    Congratulations ALL EARS ENGLISH~ 300 Episodes is a great celebration. Thank you for creating a great learning English podcasts for many international learners like me. I am an international student and studying commerce in Melbourne. Initially, i felt very nervous because this is my first time to come into new situation by myself. I don’t know how to natually talk with local students or my host mother, how to show my opinon in English and how to build a great connection in two different culture. However, now, i am more confortable and confident to talk with my friends and teachers in English by learning ALL EARS ENGLISH. I think ALL EAES ENGLISH is a window that open my ENGLISH’s world. Actually, I realized that i love English as a new language and foreign culture. Actually, my goal is that can speak 4 language and become a good teacher, which can help more students to enjoy English or different languages. The next year, i will go to the university. Actually, University like a small society. It will also be a challenge for international students to meet new different friends,study your own academic courses and plan your future career. However, I don’t fear because challenges can give you more energy to create many amazing impossible things. AS a young people, I have enough time to do what i really what to do and enjoy my beautiful life.
    thank you ALL EARS ENGLISH

  • Jose Peñaloza

    Hi guys! I loved this episode, I can’t spend a day without hearing at least one of your podcasts, you all really inspire me and well here I go…
    1-> I’m working so hard to move to another country, I’d really like to move to Australia and I’ve been working on it about 2 years and I think it’s one of my biggest goals. 😀
    2-> The biggest challenge and I think the funniest one is learning English, it’s changed my life completely but I love it, trying to pronunciate the words and the most important thing talking to others, I really got nervous but now I feel more confident.
    3-> I can’t say what I’m learned, I mean, there are so many things that perhaps this comment won’t be enough (lol) but I can say one and I thing that it’s the most important and it is that you need to keep working hard for what you want and stay focused on your goals that you want to reach, not matter how far you see that, if you want you can do it! And when you feel that everything is lost keep trying, it’s part of the process, don’t waste your time, have fun but don’t lose the focus on your dreams and goals. Ive learned so much since I decided to learn English to move to another country and even I can’t expalin what you feel when you realize you’re getting what you’ve longing for.

    I want to tell you guys that you’re awesome, you’ve helped me so much and I love your topics about IELTS exam, you explain it in a funny way and thanks for cleared up my doubts about it 😉 I’ll take it this year so I want to tell you thanks so much, you inspire me and I’m thankful that I’m able to hear you all nights through my smartphone! Love you guys! From Venezuela to USA, regards Jose Vivas P. 😀

  • Marcos Lopez

    Lindsay and Michelle,

    First of all congratulations for your podcast, 300 episodes are a big success! Fortunately I had the chance to follow it from the very beginning and I want to thank you for all your effort and work. I have to confess that you have inspired me in a lot of ways, not only with my English, that you did and still do. Your episodes gave me strength enough to put myself out of my zone of comfort, and it was really worthy, and as I said before not only in the language scene. You also made possible that I feel comfortable with ambiguity, not more stress, feel
    relaxed with a foreign language. As you always say: “Connection, not perfection”. You opened a world full of resources, a new way to learn English and keep it alive.

    Thanks for striving in your dream.


  • Jihye Kang

    1) What are you working on?
    I’m managing to survive in where English is spoken
    I’m Korean and I came over to Australia last year

    2) What challenges have you had?
    I’m currently working at Banquet at a hotel. It itself is a challenge for me to work in English environment. One day there were Korean tourists who come from my country. They asked me some questions such as directions & wifi, etc. and I twigged that’s what I had been struggling just because it was in English. I would be much better at this job, if I speak better English!

    3) What have you learned?

    Well, Connection is VERY important. Earlier when I came over here in Australia, I was so obsessed with speaking perfect like pronunciation, grammar, and intonation. and I found some people who don’t speak perfect English but still have good relationship with colleagues. I just realized I was missing something! Now I believe in Connection rather than being obsessed by Perfection.

    Congratulations on the 300th episode! I started to listen to AEE since last year when I was struggling with English. You guys’ cheers & nice sayings cheered me up so much. You helped me keep going & studying seriously. and I have listened to your podcast when I commute and get ready. It’s now become a part of my daily life:)

  • @alfonsodemiguel:disqus it’s nice to hear from you! How have you been? Thanks so much for being one of our original listeners of AEE! I hope things are going great with your work and your English!

  • @disqus_4oq0iry3M9:disqus Thank you for telling us about your current challenge. it is great that you are studying in a new country, that you are taking a risk and that you are growing because of it! Keep working hard each day and thanks for listening to AEE!

  • @disqus_Mm5XIdNFgv:disqus Hi Jose and thank you so much for your nice message! We are very happy to hear that AEE is helping and inspiring you! It sounds like you are involved in a great life challenge and that you are persevering until you reach your goal. You are right- it is an amazing feeling when you realize that you are moving closer to your dream each day. Keep working for it and congratulations on that! Thanks for listening to AEE every day!

  • @disqus_boTcPfALtQ:disqus hi there! Thanks so much for your message. It makes us very happy to hear that you are feeling inspired by the episodes and that you have started taking more risks! That is super cool. I know that you have been one of our listeners from the very beginning and thank you for that. Keep pushing your limits and taking risks! Thanks again and we appreciate you!

  • @jihye_kang:disqus thank you for sharing your challenge with us! Wow, that sounds like a great opportunity to grow personally and professionally by working in a new country. It is really cool that you are starting to think more about Connection and NOT Perfection! I am glad to hear that. Thanks again for being a listener of AEE. We appreciate you! Good luck and keep taking risks.

  • AlUribe2020

    Lindsay, I want to say “Congratulations ! “, for your 300th episode of AEE. This world needs people like you and pages like this. I have all podcasts and I´ll listen up all of them before ending this year.
    Listening all AEE podcasts is a wonderful experience and it´s all days, Don´t reach the 600th episode, make 10,000 episodes more !!!!
    Jessica, thanks very much for your English tests advice. I have taken my choice: I´ll face the TOEIC but through being prepared for IELTS. This way, I´ll be able to face both.
    And Gabby, if you read this, thanks for your inspiration.
    From the bottom of my heart, congratulations and never give up !!!!!

  • @AlUribe2020:disqus hi there! What a nice message! Thanks so much for your encouragement. I am happy that you are feeling inspired by the podcast and we hope to make it to episode 10,000 too! Thanks again for being a listener of All Ears English. Connection NOT Perfection!

  • Jhonny

    1) What are you working on?

    I’m working on improve my level of english with all the good advices that I can get with this awesome podcasts, they provide me the energy that I need to face others challenges

    2) What challenges have you had?

    I had challenges with understanding phone calls and following people by phone, and also I want to watch movies, tv and videos on its original language, sometimes it’s a hard but I’m trying my best.

    3) What have you learned?

    I have learned that the important thing of this journey of learning a language is connection no perfection, so I feel that now I am able to survive in an environment with English language.

  • Tamar KIladze

    Congratulatios))) All Ears English has become the part of my life)) I love you Lindsay, MIchelle and Gubby)) You are really full of positive energy)) Can’t say thank you enough)) I was forgotting my English, because I use it very seldom)) I began to study English from childhood with only writing and reading, but then I realised that it wasn’t enough)) I’m working on improvement my English level, also to go forward in my profession( I’m Doctor Radiologist). My challenges are learning English, my children and internal desire to go step by step to my goals and dreams)) I have learned never give up and continue your way to your goals by all means))

  • @disqus_nJU1wdQcbM:disqus Thanks for your comment. I am glad to hear that you are working hard on your English and that you feel that you are getting better and more confident! Connection NOT Perfection!

  • @Tamar Kiladze- Thank you for your message! We are glad to hear that AEE is helping you feel more confident about your English! Congratulations on working toward your goals in radiology and also with your English. Thanks for listening to AEE!

  • Michelle

    Hi Marcos! Thank you so much for this means a lot..keep listening and we wish you all the best!


  • Michelle

    Thank you so much!!! Wow, working in a hotel must be fun, but challenging! I always wanted to try it. Thank you for the sweet post and keep listening!


  • Michelle

    Thank you so much, Christina! 4 languages–wow, amazing!!

  • rosaivonne

    congratulation for your 300 episodes.. It has been a long road ..

    but worth it when help achieve the dreams of others… you’re the best Guys!..

  • Sonia Petri

    Congratulation girls, for the 300 awesome episodes! Lindsay, besides mentioning the names of the co-hosts, I thought it was very nice of you to mention Loui, Gasper and Jay’s names (sorry if I misspelled one of the names). I want to congratulate them as well who work behind the scene for the success of AEE.

    1) I’m working on a ‘public speaker’ project. I was invited a couple of times to share my experience in the US– as an immigrant– with a group of ESL students here in CA. I liked the experience so much that I’d like to do that more often. So I decided to take classes on public speaking next semester. I believe the classes will help me to learn some skills that I still don’t have. I’ve been studying and gathering material for my project. The AEE episodes are a good source for that purpose.

    2) My challenge: I need to overcome my fear of speaking in front of groups, though I love doing that! It’s a little bit paradoxical… I know 🙂

    3) What I’ve learned… “connection, not perfection” slogan helped me open my eyes. I’ve struggled for a few years pursuing perfection on my English studies– a perfection that does not exist– now I know that! The AEE episodes also helped me overcome a lot of challenges and fear that a person face when he/she moves to another country.

    Thank all of you and keep up the good work!!

  • @rosaivonne:disqus thanks so much! You have been a listener for a while and we want to say thank you for that!

  • @soniapetri:disqus Thanks for being a longtime listener of AEE! It sounds like you are engaged in an exciting challenge right now with building your public speaking skills. That is one of the things that many people are afraid of so they avoid it but it’s great that you are attempting it despite being afraid! Great things happen when we can keep moving despite our fears! Keep us updated on that! Thanks again. Connection NOT Perfection!

  • fatima

    Thanks for your interesting topics. I have had many challenges in life. now I m going to study a new subject that is kind of unique so I have to study and live in US or Europe and I need to learn english very well.

  • @fatima- thanks for listening to AEE! Good luck with your time studying and living in the US or Europe. It sounds great!

  • Steve Mavlon

    Thank you guys! Until now I only had a rough idea about what it is I am working on. But now, (however corny it may sound) I am fully aware about it and even drew up a list of actions to get me closer to that seemingly elusive goal. By now, you must be wondering what it is I am chasing after and even if you are not here it is; (I am telling you this against my better judgement because a man from a TED video says we are better with our goals kept secret, but it is not every day one gets a chance to talk Lindsay :)) to get 8.5 in the IELTS test, it seemed way out of my league sometime ago, but not so much now . I am making a very valient effort to work on my English meaning I have had to take up a tough challenge of practicing necessary skills for 6 hours on a daily basis and this has been going on at the same pace for three weeks now. Geez! There are times when I get shattered about making a single mistake and strangely enough I am getting used to hearing from people that I have an attitude problem! Plus, from time to i say to myself “why do i always keep on having lousy days?”. Still, I am not giving up! (I probably should have to see a therapist about the so-called problem). I will tell you what, a very good friend of mine I used to practice with sat the exam and got 8 (it is heavy to render). So, hard work always pays off. I don’t know what is ahead of me, but I am still trying and summoning the energy to push myself to the limits.
    Holy Moly! I am glad I got this off my chest. I hope I will be back with a delightful piece of news.

  • @Steve Mavlon- thanks for sharing your IELTS goal with us and your process! It sounds like you are really on the right track. Progress is incremental and it might be hard to see it every day but we have to keep showing up. Yes, I saw that TED talk too and I am not sure if I agree that you should keep your goals a secret. His argument was that once we talk about it we feel as if we have already accomplished it but it also provides a sense of accountability. We have to know our own personality styles. Anyways, keep working hard on IELTS and you will get it! Good luck and thanks for listening.

  • Kaori T

    Congratulations on 300 episodes and thank you for providing us always really good topics and sharing your wonderful perspectives, I do really enjoy them.

    What I am working on is…

    1) I speak English to my daughter all the time since she was born. She is a year and ten months now, she started speaking random words in English, like yuckey.. haha and colors, numbers and things around her.

    2)I want to speak English well so that someday my daughter will talk to me in English. This is one of my dreams. So I study English very early in the morning from 3am to 7am almost everyday. Thant is because it’s almost impossible to have my own time during the daytime since I have to watch my little one and do chores around my house. In addition that, although I study English a lot, try to immerse my self in English, I felt that’s not enough. Because there is just a lot of vocabulary and grammar in English. I felt it’s impossible for me to cover all the stuff and speak English perfectly. I felt sorry for that to my daughter. Recently I felt really disappointed with many mistakes in my spoken English. I felt I was making mistakes every time I spoke English, I’d rather shut up. I lost confidence in my spoken English. I felt I hit a plateau, and I am in a really long tunnel and can’t get out from the darkness. I didn’t know what to do. Yet I just simply knew I shouldn’t stop my studies, so I have kept studying English for a while.

    3)After I listened your episode 300, that inspired me a lot. I really liked the quote, “The man in the arena” I realized I didn’t have enough courage to get myself out of my comfort zone. I was really afraid that the people who I talk to might criticize me for how much I speak wired English and make a fun of it. But now I know I need to get myself out of my comfort zone to move to the next level of English, like you said I need to make myself vulnerable to rejection. Now I feel I get myself back and ready to go through the fears. This is always defeating my fears, it’s all about myself, fears are inside of me, not the people out side of me.

    Thank you for this really inspiring episode. This episode brings me back passion for language learning and lastly, I hope my daughter and I get to talk with you on Skype!

    Keep up your wonderful work!

  • @Kaori T- wow thank you so much for sharing your goal to improve your English and to help your daughter and the methods that you are using to do it! It’s amazing that you are getting up at 3am every day to do it. That is true dedication. I am also happy to hear that you are taking more risks now and that episode 300 was inspiring to you. Keep taking risks with your English and always remember, Connection NOT Perfection!

  • Kellier Guevara

    1. I`m working on improving my guitar playing skills
    2. I`ve had a nice and ambitious challenge in selling products to north-american citizens
    3. I`ve learned about how to connect with north-american people, and their culture. By listening to their favorite music: Rock, and I like it, too!!

  • Rodolfo Rodrigues

    Hello, I’m trying to open page of episode 139 but when I click on the link on right hand side exactlly in this page it is forwarded to page of episode 300.
    It seems to be some issue related to the link. Would you help with this?
    Thank you very much for your outstanding show.

  • Hi that episode was deleted. You won’t be able to find it. Sorry! You can find more than 500 others!

  • Argenis

    Wonderful 300 episode, thanks a lot