Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

A few years ago Michelle did ten interviews with celebrities in New York City.

She noticed that they all do 7 things when they communicate.

These things that they do make them effective communicators.

Do you do these 7 things when you communicate in English?

In today’s episode we will talk about what celebrities do right when they communicate.

Here is what celebrities do when they communicate:

  • They have great body language: They make great eye contact, they look confident, they sit up or stand up straight, they use gestures, they nod their heads to let you know that they are listening to you. All of these gestures make them command a sense of respect.
  • They have good volume:  They speak up! They speak loudly and with good intonation. This causes people to listen to them. They have a certain strength in their voice.
  • They are flexible during the conversation: They are able to move from one topic to the next depending on what people say. It’s important to be able to “pivot” into the next topic.
  • They listen well: You need to listen well to be able to be flexible in your conversation. Try to be present as much as possible in your everyday conversations.
  •  They support the listener verbally: They use feedback like “ugh huh” or “oh” or “I see” to show the other person that they are listening. This makes the person more interested in talking with them.
  • They include the other person in the conversation: They make the other person feel included. They ask the person follow up questions.
  • They share their own personal experiences and thoughts: It’s always more interesting when you tell a personal story if it’s relevant. Be sure to do it at the right time and make sure you read people’s body language while you tell the story so that you don’t cause people to lose interest.

Which of these communication skills do you have?

Which ones do you want to build?

Let us know in the comments below

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