AEE 383: You Might As Well Listen to Today’s Episode

how to use might as well in English

Do you know how to use the phrase “might as well” like a native speaker in English?

If you start using this phrase as well as others like “long story short” or “worse comes to worst” you will be able to connect with people because you will no longer sound like a textbook!

Today we’ll give you one more phrase to add to your repertoire.

The phrase “might as well” or “may as well” can be used to say that you are going to take a logical action.

Here are some examples:

  • “You might as well get to the beach now because November is coming”
  • “I’m closer to the Jersey Shore than Long Beach so I might as well go there instead.”
  • “I figured I might as well (just) go to the beach and do my work.”


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