Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Are you an adventurer?

Today we’ll show you three things you can learn from an American adventurer that we admire.

You’ll also learn three new idioms from our conversation.

In today’s episode Lindsay and Michelle talked about a boy named Chris McCandless who decided to escape everyday life to spend time in the wild, living off the land.

The story is called Into the Wild.

This move strikes a chord with many people who watch it.

Many fans of this movie look at their own life and realize that they are not spending enough time in nature.

What can we learn from Chris McCandless?

  • Know what you want, have a specific goal in mind: Stick to your guns. If you have a goal, don’t let anyone sway you away from it. Chris knew that his ultimate goal was to live on his own in Alaska. A lot of people told him not to go and that it would be too dangerous but he stuck with his goal and eventually went on his adventure.
  • Enjoy and appreciate nature: Chris spent all of his time outdoors and he loved “to be one with nature.”
  • Connect with people: Chris made incredible eye contact when he talked to people. Even though he was running away from some of his relationships with family members by going on the trip, he formed some strong relationships while he was traveling. Chris really touched people.


Idioms from today’s episode:

  • To strike a chord
  • To stick to your guns
  • To be one with nature
  • To touch people


Practice using the idioms below by creating sentences in the comments below!

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