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Do you use Airbnb?

It’s a great way to get a more comfortable and more personal travel experience.

It’s also a great way to practice your English if you get a chatty host.

However, when you stay at Airbnb your host rates you as a guest and your future hosts will see that rating.

If you want to get a great rating and get accepted by future hosts then you need to use the right English phrases to connect with your host.

Find out how to do it today.


The peer-to-peer economy and what it means for you:

We are in a new era of the peer-to-peer economy where everyone can become a hotel owner.

The biggest difference about the new way and the old way is that now you, as the guest, get reviewed by your hosts.

You also review your hosts.

You need to have a clean collection of reviews in order to be invited to stay with a new host in the future.

What would happen if we got rated and reviewed every time we purchased something such as a coffee or dinner?


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Why is Airbnb doing well in the US?

  • It’s Cheaper than a hotel
  • It’s more personal than hotel. You can talk to the host and get local recommendations.
  • You are staying in a home so it’s less sterile
  • There are personal touches like free snacks, guest books, etc.


Let the host know when you’ll be arriving:

  • We should be there around 8pm
  • We’ll be getting in sometime between 7pm and 9pm
  • We plan to arrive around 8pm


Make a nice comment about the room when you arrive:

  • It’s perfect
  • Your home is beautiful
  • This looks amazing


Ask about house rules:

  • Should we take our shoes off?
  • Do you want us to lock the door behind us?
  • Would it be easier if I parked in the driveway or on the street?


Ask for a recommendation:

  • Can you suggest/recommend a good restaurant around here?
  • Where would you say is the best place to grab a drink in town?
  • Do you know any good hikes in the area?


Get the transcripts to see the role play of today’s episode.

Let us know if you have used Airbnb and how your experience was.

Did you use these phrases?

We want to hear from you!

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