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We have four key steps that you can take to have fun, be entertained, and learn at the same time!

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Here is the 4- step formula:

  • Step 1- Watch the movie in small pieces or in chunks: Choose a 10-minute segment or one scene (a clearly defined part of a movie), just watch that and then pause
  • Step 2- Aim to understand 70% of that piece that you have chosen: How can you do that? Use the English that you already know, but also use clues from the context, from the situation that is happening in the scene. Look at the tone of voice of the actors, the background sounds, the nonverbal signals of the characters (remember that these vary in meaning from culture to culture)
  • Step 3- Go look up the meaning of words or phrases: Remember that the words are details- that’s why we don’t do this first. Don’t get paralyzed by feeling like you have to look up every single word. Just look up the words that you think are important (key words).
  • Step 4- Watch the same scene again and try to understand slightly more (80%): Don’t try to get 100% comprehension. Perfection doesn’t exist.


Can you understand Hollywood movie?

What are your tricks?

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