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how to get fluent when you live abroad

Are you planning to live abroad to learn English?

Want to know the exact things that you can do to maximize your time abroad and became fluent in English?

Today you’ll meet our guest Lynne Kashnitz.

Lynne lived in Japan and taught English.

Before she left for Japan she did not have any experience with Japanese, but while she was there during the year she was able to go out, speak in Japanese, read menus, and make hersful understood in Japanese.

While she was there she used some key learning methods. Today she’ll give us her tips.


Lynne’s 3 tips:

  • Live like a local: Go do the things that locals do. Visit local vacation spots. Go out to neighborhood restaurants. Go where the local people go. This will force you to use your English skills to complete real tasks and will push you to the next level.


  • Join a local club: Lynne joined a running club but you can join any kind of club. It will give you a reason to go to different events, read maps, find your way to places, ask questions, and use the language that you have.


  • Take regular language classes: It’s important to sit down once a week with a teacher with a focused intention to practice speaking, ask questions, and check out new vocabulary or grammar that you’ve heard. Try keeping a notebook of things that you didn’t understand throughout the week and bring it to your teacher. Do a lesson at least twice per week.



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Lynn’s Bio:

Hi, I’m Lynne from Victoria in Australia.  I live in the south-east of Victoria, it’s a gorgeous place with the mountains, sea and a small city close by. I really love chatting with and meeting people from other countries. Some of my favourite things to do are exploring the outdoors, such as hiking and cycling, observing wildlife, caring for pets, cooking and having a bbq or pizza night with friends.


What questions do you have from today?

Let us know in the comments below.

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