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racism in the United States English conversation

Is racism still a problem in the United States?

To put it simply, yes.

We have made a lot of progress over the years as a country toward equality but racism still exists.

What should you do if someone makes a racist comment toward you if you’re living in the US?

Find out today.

We got a great question today from a listener. Here it is:

“Dear Lindsay and Jessica, how’s it going? I am a regular listener of your podcast. AEE is my favorite all-time podcast. Thank you for your work. I have a question that might be kind of controversial and hard to talk about. It’s about racism in the US. I’d like to move to America someday and work in the US as it’s one of my dreams. I’d like to know if racism is still a problem. I know it can be a problem in any country, even in my country, Korea. There are some people who don’t like foreigners with no reason so I will be fine even if I meet someone who is against Asian people. I was wondering if there is any chance I might encounter racists there, how bad it could be, and how I should react to them. I’d like to know what you think about this as an American.”

-AEE Listener


That is such a great question!

It is not a silly question at all.

Anyone who has read headlines from the US at any point or in the last few years especially, you will know that there is racism in the US.

If you go back through our history, especially to the days of slavery or even before then, you will always find echoes of racism.

Racism exists everywhere.


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What can you do if you’re in the US?

Get good at analyzing the people that you interact with.

Pay attention to their tone and body language.

Sometimes you have to walk away before the conversation gets worse if they really are racist in an intentional way.


There is a bold line between a racist and a person who is naive.

A lot of people make comments about other races because they don’t know any better.

You will be able to tell if someone really doesn’t like you or if they are just saying something that is naive and uneducated.


What should you do if someone makes a naive racist comment toward you?

Laugh a little to lighten the mood.

Don’t respond with anger or aggression. Diffuse any potential aggression that might come out of the interaction.

Try not to take it seriously in this case.

Build Connection!

Say something like, “Sorry I laughed. That surprised me. Where I am from _____.”

Educate the person because they are misinformed about your culture.

Give your own example such as “Before I came to America I thought ______.”



Definitely come to the US!

Yes, there are racists.

They are more concentrated in certain parts of the US than others.

However, if you use some of these tactics that we’ve shown you today, you will be able to turn any potential bad interactions into moments for connection.

Get into our Bridge to Connection Method to learn more about the Deep South and slavery and to watch video interviews with southerners.



What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Let us know if you have any experiences with this issue in the comments below.

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