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There are three things that will immediately make you lose the attention of your audience in a presentation.

Today learn about three ways to drive your audience crazy and how to avoid doing these things so that you can be sure that your presentation will be a success.

Our guest Mary Melissa will show us what a good presentation looks like.

3 things to avoid in a presentation:

  • Not pronouncing your words clearly: Make sure you slow down and enunciate. You want your audience to be able to connect with you. Speak in a way that someone could read your lips.
  • Don’t thank everyone at the beginning: You can say thank you at the end. Get to the point quickly. Everyone is busy so get talking! Get right to it. This is especially important in American culture. This could be very different in your own culture.
  • Don’t use “um” or “like” as a crutch: This will distract your listeners. Avoid these words as much as you can. Use the word “like” when you’re giving an example. This is especially common when you’re nervous. How can you avoid these words? Pay attention to what you’re saying in your everyday conversations. Do you use these words in those conversations too? Become cognitively aware of what you do in other settings.

Mary Melissa’s Bio:

I have grown up in the Southeastern part of the United States, in Chattanooga, TN. I am 20 years old and have been working with Spoken for about 7 months, helping business professionals around the world improve their English skills, especially in a business setting or environment. Working with Spoken has been such a great opportunity and learning experience. I am working side by side through Spoken to provide a one-on-on experience for our users that helps them improve their English skills!


Avoid the 3 things that Mary Melissa has shared with us today.

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Good luck on your next presentation!

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