English language exchangeToday you’ll learn how to study languages smarter and faster.

You’ll also find out how to use your own native language to help you learn English!

Try a language exchange! A language exchange works like this: find someone in your local city who speaks your target language (English) as a native and who is also learning your native language.

Sit down with them in a cafe once per week and split the time speaking in your language and their language.

This is free and it’s a great way to practice!

Two important thing to remember about language exchanges:

1- Your partner must correct your mistakes immediately- be sure to ask them to do that!

2- You should use some kind of materials to go deeper than small talk. Read the newspaper today, work through discussion questions from a podcast or talk about a recent movie or TV show that you watched

Before you get started, read these tips on common language exchange mistakes.

Here are some places to get your language exchange online:

1- Live Mocha

2- My Language Exchange

3- The Mixxer

4- Craigslist

5- Meetup

6- Your local university might have a language exchange program


Now that you know what a language exchange is and how to set it up, go get started!

Practice, practice, practice!

Good luck!

Leave a comment and tell us how your language exchange is going.

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