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Today you’ll hear a high-scoring sample part 2 answer describing a river for the IELTS Exam.

Recently, a student posted in our Facebook group about facing a difficult topic card on his last IELTS Exam.

This has been happening more and more, that IELTS candidates are facing odd, challenging questions that have caused them to come up short in front of the examiner.

Your goals in Part 2 are to comfortably fill the 2 minutes, and flesh this time out with descriptive, specific details.

This is why we recommend telling a story. When you describe real memories, you have images in your mind to talk about.

This improves Fluency and Coherence as well as Vocabulary scores.

The topic card this student was given was:

Describe an important lake, river or ocean in your country.



The best way to tackle this question is to call to mind a body of water that you’ve visited in your country.

Then, you can describe that occasion.


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Of course, you still need to address the key words in the question as part of your answer.

So, even if you’re not sure if this body of water is important, you must mention it in the introduction.

In this case, you could say, for example, “There’s one lake which has always been a favorite of mine, only an hour from where I live. To be totally honest here, I’m not sure how important it is, in terms of economic advantage to my country or anything, but I know it is beloved by locals and tourists alike. The last time I ventured there, I was with…

In my answer, I talk about how my area contains many bodies of water, and then I explore briefly how important this was to my city of Portland in the past.

Then, I describe my favorite river beach near the airport, and my specific memories of visiting the river with my son and my dog.

After listening to my answer and taking notes on any vocabulary you find interesting, it’s your turn to practice this IELTS Part 2 question!

How would you answer today’s IELTS Part 2 question?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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