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Are you trying so hard to make a good impression at work?

Do you wish that you knew the right professional words and phrases to use in English?

There are certain things to say to help you to stand out from the competition, and this can help a lot.

We are looking at the best phrases to use, how to convey confidence, and how all of this can help you to get that promotion.

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A Little Bit of Background

Jessica and Aubrey share three phrases that can make you sound amazing.

We’re also going to focus on what vocabulary mistakes you must avoid at the office.

There are three very specific vocabulary phrases that are used in English at the office.

These are more for professional purposes today, because that’s when it really matters to know what to say in order to get ahead at work.

We are doing a business web class which can really help dramatically with this on March 6th and 9th, and you can register at Business English For Your Next Promotion

We’re trying some new stuff, and it will be so motivational and informative.

You will show up live and take this class—and then you will be ready for this next step in life.

You will be ready to do what you have to do to get that promotion.

You will get vocabulary and examples, and know how to work your way through almost any situation in a professional setting.

The topic for today’s show came about through a personal coach class that Aubrey had with a student.

This student had so many wonderful questions, and they were so interesting and we wanted to share with you.

These questions and the answers to them can help you to see what you should say, how you should say it, and how this can all help you to get ahead at work.

What To Say In A Professional Setting

You know that you want to present yourself in the best way possible.

You want to have the right thing to say, so that you can land that promotion and work towards what you want professionally speaking.

This is about having confidence and the right presence, and so these questions and the answers can help you to do just that.

Here are the questions from business course personal coach student that provide us with our main topics today.

1. Can you elaborate a bit more on the word, niche? She heard it is used as a research niche (an area of study?). She’s wondering if you can share different usages based on its parts of speech. You hear this all the time and it speaks to somebody trying to get a corner on the market. They are trying to control this one specific piece of the market. This is to speak to a specialty or a specific area, and this can be an excellent business tactic. These phrases and words come from business professionals, and they are successful. The way to define yourself and find a good market is to specialize—this is then your niche or your piece of the market.

How do we make you find us at AEE for example? We wanted to specialize at IELTS as an example, as well as focusing on connection rather than perfection. You have to find something that others don’t offer and that makes you special and unique, and then use this to market yourself. You can also use the word niche to speak to a corner in your home, but that’s not the focus here today.

2. There is an expression she has heard used which is “come across.” Can you elaborate how to use it by giving a few examples? Can you say that you come across very confident during the interview? You may wonder if this makes sense. Yes that’s a perfect way to use this, and it’s great for any time you are presenting yourself. You are talking about your presence or the way that others may have perceived you. This usually applies to something like confidence. This is a very natural way that natives would talk about something like this, particularly in an interview.

Let’s look at an example of this so you can understand. You could say “Tina seems nice.” Instead you could say “Tina comes across as a very kind and empathetic person to work with.” The native speaker could connect to and really grab onto, thus making a great conversation out of this. This could also talk about discovering something like “I was digging through my desk and I came across an old episode.” This is a big difference and helps you to sound so much more natural and native. It definitely opens up a more interesting dialogue, which is great. You are likely to want to talk to people who sound more interesting—so word choice is huge here!

3. Another expression she has heard is “get something across.” Does it mean make some ideas or thoughts to be understood by people? Is this similar to “knock some sense into someone”? Can we practice how to use this expression? It does mean to help your thoughts be more understood. Using the phrase “knock some sense into someone” however is not advised to be used. It has a totally different meaning, and it could cause some problems. You won’t learn through a textbook how a phrase such as this will be perceived—but this will have a very negative connotation. This is almost like physically hitting somebody upside the head to get them to pay attention or to make sense out of things. Don’t say this because it will not be received well! Like a mean parent may say this to their kid, because it’s almost threatening violence.

When you talk about trying to get something across, it’s about trying to get your point conveyed. You may want to express something but you are not sure if it’s clear, and this phrase can really help. “What I’m trying to get across is that my company can create this website at a more affordable price.” It’s as if you are saying that you are summarizing something. You want to be sure that you were properly clear and that others will understand what you are trying to say. An alternative would be “I need you to understand this”—and that is not a good one and never advisable.

This is all about the strategies, the vocabulary, and the motivation that you need to get that promotion.

You will learn how to talk through these situations in a business setting, and it can help you to advance and to stand out from the competition.


You want to excel in a business setting, and sometimes that comes down to having the right things to say.

Though you may have impressive experience, you want to know what to say and how to say it in this environment.

These phrases will help you to express yourself in the best way possible, and this all helps to prepare you for that promotion.

Remember it’s all about showcasing your experience, being confident, knowing how to interact, and having the best things to say when you are trying to get to that next step.

This is a great lesson professionally speaking, and using this with the business web class may help you to be more confident and to win out over the competition.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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