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We’ll get you participating right away with these phrases!

Yesterday we were talking about why you have to participate in class or a business meeting in America.



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Here are the phrases that you can use to participate:

  • To jump in: To quickly enter a conversation, to interrupt and to quickly say something without a long introduction. You can say, “Could I jump in here?”
  • To chime in: This also means to contribute something to a conversation spontaneously. “Let me chime in here.”
  • To jot down: To write something down. “I’ll jot down notes for our group.”
  • It goes back to: Use this phrase to connect ideas. You can link your current idea to an idea that was mentioned before. “Today’s episode goes back to the episode from yesterday when we talked about why you have to participate.”


Today’s Quiz- please leave your answer in the comments!


When you say, “I’ll jot things down” what do you mean?

a) I’ll write down what we say

b) I’ll be the facilitator of the meeting

c) I’ll get everyone in the meeting to quiet down


What’s the answer? Leave your answer in the comments thanks!


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