Aubrey Carter
"3 Keys IELTS Certified Coach"
Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

How can you say you agree with something in a work discussion?

The phrase you use may send a different message than you intend!

Listen in today and get the vocabulary to share that you are aligned with a work colleague.

Do you agree?

Aubrey asks Lindsay if she is excited to record the podcast today.

Lindsay responds, “Definitely! 100%!”

Aubrey shares that Lindsay’s statement is a fantastic way to agree in English!

Today’s episode is inspired by a listener question regarding saying, “100%.”

Today’s question

I’ve hear that you say “one hundred percent” to agree with someone.

Can I use it in a formal or an informal environment? Thanks! Love your podcast.


Formal or informal?

Lindsay and Aubrey answer that you can use “100%” in both formal and informal conversations.

It is a good way to say you fully agree with someone.

You can use it at work and formal situations where you express that you are aligned and onboard with an idea.

This might be something discussed in a meeting or an initiative suggested by your work colleague.

It builds connection to agree wholeheartedly with gusto instead of just saying, “I agree.”

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This episode helps you build good rapport in the workplace.

Agreeing in the workplace

There are many other phrases that can show you’re enthusiastically agreeing with someone.

Here are a few samples from Lindsay and Aubrey

#1: Absolutely / totally / definitely

These are all very common.

Despite how often these are used, they’re more dynamic and high-level than, “I agree.”

You can check out these episodes that dive deeper into using the words absolutely, totally, and definitely.

#2: I couldn’t agree more!

This is a good phrase to say directly that you strongly agree with someone.


I got your email about postponing the due date and I couldn’t agree more.

Mini roleplay

Lindsay: I’m really excited about the conference next week.
Aubrey: I couldn’t agree more!

#3: My thoughts exactly

When you say this, you can make your colleague secure that you have their back.

It makes them feel appreciated that you’re both on the same page.

Just make sure you’re definitely on board with their idea, and not on the fence about it.

This phrase implies that you have no reservations.

Mini roleplay

Aubrey: I think we should apply for a deadline extension.
Lindsay: My thoughts exactly.

#4: We are of the same mind

This is another supportive way to say you agree with someone in the workplace.

It sounds more friendly because it sounds enthusiastic.


I got your email about changing the panel and we are of the same mind.

Mini roleplay

Lindsay: I’m leaning toward switching up the team.
Aubrey: We are of the same mind. Let’s do it!


Build connections with coworkers by using native expressions when sharing that you agree wholeheartedly about something.

Instead of “I agree,” use one of today’s phrases.

This will help you be more dynamic and avoid monotone with your responses at work.

Keep in mind that you should be honest when you agree with coworkers.

You don’t want to have someone distrust you because you say you agree when you don’t fully.

Only use these phrases when you absolutely are on the same page with someone.

It’s important to note that honesty is vital in building genuine relationships.

Do you know other ways to say you agree in the workplace?

Let’s hear it in the comment section below.

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