Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Do you need marketing help for a product or company?

If you have a brilliant idea or project, you need to know how to spread the word.

Today you’ll learn tips and phrases that will help you share your project in English!

Listen in on today’s episode to learn vocabulary to use when you need marketing help.

Marketing help

Michelle asks Lindsay how she typically finds new businesses to go to, like coffee shops or doctors.

Lindsay responds that she uses Google for looking for coffee shops and restaurants.

To look up a doctor, she’d start with her insurance and find out who is covered.

She also says she’d check in with her friends and family members.

It’s nice to get referrals from people she knows and trusts.


When someone gives you a verbal recommendation, we call this word-of-mouth.

These recommendations often can be trusted since someone you know vouched for it.

In today’s topic, Lindsay and Michelle are going to talk about this expression.

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Word-of-mouth means you hear about a product, service, or individual from other people.

This can be something your friend told you or a community might be talking about it.

Businesses hope to get customers through word-of-mouth.

When this happens, it’s a great sign that many people are recommending it.

It’s often because the service or product is so good that people want to share it with everyone else.

Good marketing strategy

You need phrases in English to share a recommendation with your colleagues.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to start building a relationship with coworkers.

You’ll get to help them out and find similar interests you both have.

#1: “You have to try this new place.”

This is a good way to recommend something or someone that has served you well.

It can be a nail salon, your doctor, or even a restaurant you just discovered.


  • You have to try my doctor. He’s the best.
  • You have to try my hair stylist. She cuts curly hair so well.

#2: “I really recommend…”

This means the same as the first phrase.

It’s a good way to share that you really support a certain business and you’ve had a good experience.

It shows you want the other person to have a great experience too.


  • I really recommend my doctor.
  • I really recommend this TV show.

#3: “Everyone is raving about…”

This is slightly different in that it distances you from the rest of the people who tried it.

It can be something you heard that a lot of people are recommending.

In this case, you haven’t tried it yet but have heard great reviews.


  • There is a coffee shop nearby with specialized desserts that everyone is raving about.
  • Everyone is raving about their cupcakes.

Importance of recommendations

Lindsay asks Michelle why it is important for a business to be promoted by word-of-mouth.

She mentions that it can be a big help for small businesses, especially since it doesn’t cost anything.

You can use this method for your own business.

Here are other ways you can promote your business or the business of a friend:

  • Can you spread the word?
  • Would you mind letting your friends know about your experience?
  • Tell your friends about us!


Here is a quick roleplay from Lindsay and Michelle using the phrases and vocabulary shared in today’s episode.

This will help you better understand how to use them in a conversation in English.

In this scenario, Lindsay has a new coffee shop and Michelle is visiting.

Michelle: I’ve been so excited to try this place! Everyone is raving about your coffee. You guys are great.
Lindsay: Oh thank you! So glad you like it here. Tell your friends about us!
Michelle: I will!


Today’s English expressions can help you market a business service or product you are happy about.

These can be great conversation starters as well.

Use these in a discussion with your friends and family today!

Recommend a good coffee shop you visited or share about a new product you found that others might enjoy.

This is a good way to support small businesses or help a friend discover something new!

What is something you found that you are raving about?

Tell us about it in the comments section.

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