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"The English Adventurer"
Jessica Beck
"Director of IELTS Training"

What are the daily and weekly habits of the most successful IELTS students who get a 7?

Today you’ll find out exactly what smart students do to get their seven.

Students who get a 7 make English a part of their everyday life.

They don’t keep English at a distance.

They use it as entertainment.

They explore their interests using English.

They don’t think of it as work or “studying.”

Success is usually not the result one single action. It is often the result of multiple actions taken over an extended period of time.

What are those actions for a 7 IELTS student?

Find out below!

7 habits of highly successful “7” IELTS students:

  • #1) They are committed: They have a specific goal. They promise to work every day. They are intentional about the score they want. They share their commitment with someone in their life. They hold themselves accountable.
  • #2) They are not afraid to start random conversations and speak: When they run into someone they know in an English-speaking place, they start conversations and continue speaking. If they don’t live in an English-speaking country, they find a way to practice with a native conversation partner. They speak every day despite their fear.
  • #3) They plan a specific time every week to practice what they have learned each week: They are intentional about using new phrases or expressions in their practice conversations. They don’t cancel their practice sessions. They show up and get comfortable with the language.
  • #4) They have something they enjoy reading: A successful “7” student has a habit of reading. They like to read. They find reading material on a topic that they are passionate about. They use blogs, email newsletters, newspapers, and magazines.
  • #5) They watch movies and TV: They have a favorite TV show in English. It is part of their lifestyle to follow sitcoms that they consider fun. They don’t think about watching TV in English as studying. They consider it entertainment.
  • #6) They learn how to organize their thoughts into an academic essay for Task 1: Strategies are important for 7 students. Especially for the Writing test, you MUST learn what the examiner wants. You cannot just work on your general English.
  • #7) They know the IELTS exam: They know the test. They know the strategies, they have a step-by-step system, they know how the timing works. They work with a qualified professional or find a good course to help them.

Which habits do you currently have?

Which habits are you going to adopt moving forward?

Let us know in the comments below.

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