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Today you will learn vocabulary regarding government regulations.

These are perfect for Writing Task 2 and Speaking Part 3.

Practice using them to score a 7 or higher on test day.

When brainstorming solutions or reasons for Task 2, the easiest answer is often government intervention!

This is a good strategy for Task 2 brainstorms.

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Conversations & Coffee clip

In today’s episode, we provide a clip from one of our group conversations.

These have 3-4 speakers from the All Ears English team.

They are great for practicing Listening skills.

You’ll hear natural tone, pitch and vocabulary.

It’s also a topic that can come up on IELTS, whether sugary drinks should be regulated.

You can subscribe to receive these weakly conversations at

#1: Jack / Jack up

Lindsay says, “Why not just jack the taxes?”

  • jack: to increase

This is slang for something being increased.

  • jack up: phrasal verb for increasing

It has a negative connotation.

You wouldn’t say, “My salary got jacked up.”

This is used exclusively for things you don’t want to be increased!

  • Taxes
  • Inflation

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#2: Regulate

We do hear students use the noun form, regulation.

However, this is not commonly used as a verb so it’s higher level.

“I think the governments should regulate this by prohibiting the amount a person can purchase.”

With vocabulary like this, you need to practice using it!

  • In the Facebook group
  • In practice essays
  • Responding to Speaking questions
  • In personal coach classes

Don’t take risks on exam day!

#3: PSA’s

This acronym stands for Public Service Announcement.

PSA: A message that is in the public’s interest

These are usually posted or shared by the government.

They can be commercials on television or billboards.

This is great for Problem/Solution essays.

#4: Glamorize

  • Glamorize (verb): make something look appealing when it’s not

Use this on Task 2 to describe something harmful that shouldn’t be encouraged.

This has a negative connotation.

  • Glamour (n.): attractive, exciting, appealing qualities
  • Glamorous (adj.): attractive, exciting, appealing

The noun and adjective both have a positive connotation.

Band 9 IELTS Education Vocabulary

You also need to know how to describe education.

For a 7+ on the IELTS Speaking Vocabulary score, you have to use high level, topic-specific vocabulary.

Today’s vocab and idioms are perfect for any question about education.

  • Curriculum: The topics included in a course of study
  • Compulsory: required, mandated; something that must be done
  • Hit the books: study Pass with flying colors: succeed

These idioms and high level words can help provide the high level vocabulary you need for 7+!

Watch the video now!


There is a good chance you will discuss government regulations on Writing Task 2 and Speaking Part 3.

You need to be ready with high level vocabulary!

Practice using today’s phrases so you are ready on test day.

Be sure to use them in the correct context.

Always learn new Vocabulary with context!

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What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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