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Do you know how to write an awesome concluding paragraph on your IELTS Writing test?

Earlier this year we showed you how to write an introduction and how to write a body paragraph.

Today we’ll show you how to write a concluding paragraph that will get you the 7 that you need!

Your conclusion only needs to be a few sentences.

You can start it with a phrase like:

  • “In sum…”
  • “To conclude…”
  • “In summary…”

If you use a phrase like “In conclusion…” you may get a band 6 because that is a common textbook phrase.

If you try new phrases like the ones above then you’ll be likely to get a 7 because you will go beyond the textbook.

Next, give a one-sentence summary of your main ideas.

“To conclude, the government should pass a law requiring citizens to exercise to alleviate the obesity epidemic.”

Remember, don’t repeat the same words.

Learn how to paraphrase and show the examiner that you have enough vocabulary to not repeat yourself.

In the last sentence you should give your opinion about the future of this problem.

Start by saying:

  • “It is my belief that…”
  • “It is my firm belief that…”
  • “In my opinion…”

What questions do you have about writing a concluding paragraph?

In our 3 Keys IELTS Success System we go into much more detail on how to write this.

Follow the steps and get the score you need!

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