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Do you get enough IELTS Listening practice?

If not, we have good news!

In this episode, you get a Listening Part 1 with questions, test audio, and answers!

Identify key words

When completing IELTS Listening questions, first identify key words in the questions.

You need to know what to listen for.

You should also make predictions.

What type of word is needed in the blank?

Should you be listening for a noun, a verb or an adjective?

Listening Part 1 questions

River adventure
– big sailboat goes out 3 times a day
First stop
• can 1. __________ at the bottom of cliffs

Second stop
• 2. __________ Church
• brewery next door with tastings
• pay extra for 3. __________
• take 4. __________ on the moors

How to use this practice

After identifying key words and making predictions, listen to the audio.

You can find the audio in the episode posted above.

Don’t follow along with the transcripts below.

You must practice answering questions without seeing the text.

After checking your answers, look through the transcripts and determine why you missed any answers.

Transcript of audio

Tourist Agent: Hello, thank you for calling Urban Adventures. How can I help you?

Man: Hi. I’m looking for a fun activity for a group of about 10 to 15 people.

TA: Definitely. How about going out on the river? We have a huge new sailboat that takes 3 trips a day and holds about 50 passengers.

Man: Hm. Is there food and drink provided?

TA: No, not on board, but there is along the way. There is an opportunity to swim, though, at the base of the most stunning cliffs. The water is a bit cold, but invigorating.

Man: Where else does the boat stop, besides the swimming hole? I was hoping this would be a lot more than just going up and down the river.

TA: It actually does make a few stops. So, once you get on board, the swimming opportunity is after about half an hour. Then, you have about 45 minutes to dry in the sun before getting off at the Flannigan Church. It’s over 600 years old.

Man: Let me write that down. How do you spell that?

TA: That’s F-L-A-N-N-I-G-A-N. 

Man: Thanks. Got it. So, I’m sure it’s beautiful, but I’m not sure how long an old church will hold our interest.

TA: Of course. Do you have any children in the group?

Man: Nope. Just me and some other adults, all around the age of 35. We’re old high school friends.

TA: Oh, fantastic! Well, in that case, there is a brewery attached to the church that has also been in operation for centuries. The monks there are widely known for the beer they make. You can take a tour, and even taste some.

Man: Is the brewery tour included in the cost of the boat excursion?

TA: The tour is actually free. You only have to pay for any pints that you buy.

Man: Alright! Sounds good so far. What about food? 

TA: Not at that stop, no. The other thing to do there that most tourists absolutely love, though, is walking behind the church along the moors. It’s a stunning opportunity to take photos. 


Be sure to answer all the questions before checking the answers!

Once you have completed the practice, you can check your answers here.

1. swim
2. Flannigan
3. pints / beer
4. photos / a walk


You need to be completing IELTS listening practice.

If you are having trouble finding enough practice, we’re here to help!

We provide additional practice with strategies and explanations.

You can find these in our online course, 3 Keys IELTS.

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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