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These phrasal verbs will boost your score higher when you get a question about friends or your social life on the Speaking test.

*Bonus phrase for today: To cut to the chase

What does it mean? It means to get to the point. You can use this on Speaking Part 3 if you are veering off topic. It will instantly increase your score because it’s natural and native-like.

Today we are talking about phrasal verbs!

In IELTS Speaking Part 1 you are asked about what you do on the weekends or what you do with friends.

Phrasal verbs you can use:

  • To hang out: To spend time. Example: “We like to hang out at the bar.”
    • This phrasal verb is common. It is a good one to use but it won’t set you apart from other students because it’s too common so it may get you a 6 and not a 7. You can use this but make sure you use some of the other phrasal verbs in today’s episode also.


  • To run into: To encounter, to cross paths with someone without expecting to see them. Example: “I ran into an old friend while I was downtown shopping.”


  • To show up: To arrive somewhere (this has an unexpected feeling to it). Example: “I was hanging out at the park and all of a sudden my friend showed up out of nowhere”


  • To talk into: To convince someone to do something. Example: “I talked my friends into staying out late on Sunday night even though they had to work in the morning”



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  • To look  (someone) up: To find someone’s contact information or to find them on Facebook. Example: “Let’s connect next week. Look me up on Facebook”


  • To catch up: To talk with someone you haven’t spoken with in a while. Example: “Let’s meet for coffee and catch up next week”



If you use any of these phrasal verbs you will get a 7 or higher. If you use “hang out” you will get a 6 on your speaking test.

Try to memorize these phrasal verbs and use them when you practice the speaking test.

Write down the examples you heard in today’s episode.


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