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Marge is a 3 Keys student from the Philippines, and today she shares her top tips for managing IELTS Task 2 essays.

marge manages marvelous ielts writer

Her dream is, after passing IELTS, to move her family to Australia so her daughter can go to school there.

Marge wrote the winning Writing Wizard essay this month, so she got a one-on-one class with me as well as an opportunity to come on the show.

The question this month was about how online activity is taking away from face to face interaction.

The most marked skill in her writing is her incredible academic vocabulary.

Some of these high-scoring phrases include:

…effects the basic groundwork of keeping sturdy relationships.

…transcribed digitally…

Relationships built out of digital communication are deemed shallow.

Sensitivity and tone are often neglected, which oftentimes leads to nippy misunderstandings.

How can you improve your vocabulary like Marge?

  1. Read the New York Times and other newspapers/magazines from the U.S. and England. (She just follows the road map in our course for extra reading.)
  2. She also collects impressive words on cue cards.
  3. When she does IELTS writing and speaking practice, she keeps the cue cards in front of her and uses the new words.
  4. She also uses the words at work. Then she remembers them even better!


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Marge also says that reading is the key to improving her writing, because that’s where she gets her ideas.

When she first started practicing her writing for the IELTS exam, she didn’t know what to say. However, now, because she follows the road map, she has a lot of interesting, strong ideas to use in her essay.

A further amazing feature of Marge’s essay is her introduction:

With the emergence of different online social activities, face-to-face interaction has noticeably become the least-used option. In the past, we would walk over or pick up the phone whenever we had the need to chat. Nowadays, however, messages can be sent at the speed of light even to the farthest part of the world. In this essay, I will discuss the consequences of online activities focusing on mediated communications and delve into some ways to recover from it. 

The final impressive part is her conclusion:

In summary, yes, it’s inevitable that there’s no way we can elude the fast-paced change in technology and its effect on how socially we want to leverage it. I hope that the above suggestions can help to retain the value of face-to-face over digital interactions and have the best of both worlds.

When she writes her essay, she refers to the template from our course, which is also on her cue cards.

What do you think of Marge’s winning essay?

Leave us a note in the comments section below!

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