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Jessica Beck
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Today you’ll learn 3 smart strategies to increase calm and confidence on your next IELTS Speaking Exam!

We’ve had many success stories lately from students in our course. What came through was that they actually enjoyed their interview with the examiner.

We have a whole module about anti-anxiety, because we know that the challenge of nerves is another hurdle to overcome in order to get the scores you want.

Remember: Don’t study the night before your exam

There’s nothing you can do the night before to increase your score, so you need to get your mind off things.

By this time, you should have done all the preparation and practice necessary for your IELTS Exam.

So, the night before test day, take a break.

Plus, if you do something interesting, you’ll have something interesting to talk about on your Speaking test!

Strategy #1: Meditate

This was brought to the forefront by our student Sid, who achieved very high scores on his IELTS Exam.

This can be as simple as following your breath for a couple minutes. This is useful in order to detach yourself from negative and fearful thoughts that will not help on test day.


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You should practice being present– not worrying about the future, or regretting the past.

The best time to meditate as far as IELTS goes, is the night before the exam, the morning of your test, and then right before you enter the Speaking Exam.

Strategy #2: Practice with a person

You must have test-valid practice. With regard to speaking, you need to practice a whole exam with another person who pretends to be the examiner.

Speaking to yourself in the mirror is excellent practice, but, in order to prepare for the Speaking Exam, you need to practice in front of another person.

Strategy #3: Create a confident personality

In episode 79, we discussed an awesome technique to take on a character in English. Today, we add to this strategy.

  • Create an English character. Choose a name.
  • Expand the character. Where do you live? What job do you have? How do you speak?
  • Find a newspaper this person would read, which is local to the city he/she lives in. Read it!
  • Choose a movie this person would watch, and a TV show this person would watch. Watch them!
  • Pretend to be this person when you speak English, and when you give your IELTS Speaking answers.

IELTS preparation should be fun!

What do you think of today’s strategies?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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